Kitty Norville is an overnight, Midnight Shift DJ for a Denver radio station. One night, she got tired of the lame song requests, and accidentally ended up starting “The Midnight Hour” talk radio show. This proved to be a big hit! Unfortunately for her, some people in her life aren’t thrilled about the show.

The people who call in to “The Midnight Hour” are typically looking for advice from Kitty. Some of the callers are vampires (or in a relationship with one), who ask Kitty for advice. A few werewolves call in hoping Kitty can help them sort out their relationships. One of those werewolves makes Kitty feel very uncomfortable.

That’s the problem, I suppose. What the callers didn’t know was that Kitty was, in fact, a werewolf. She’d been keeping it a secret from the public – until one day a werewolf hunter named Cormac arrived at the studio, intending to kill her. (Of course, she continued recording the show – live – until the police arrived.)

The result was that Kitty had to “out” herself on air – and now everyone knew she was a werewolf. Her mother called her, extremely worried about that.

Another problem for Kitty is the fact that Carl, the leader of the werewolf pack she is part of, doesn’t want her to continue doing her overnight show. He wants her to quit. She offered him half of the money she makes from “The Midnight Hour”, and that temporarily appeased Carl. But, for how long? Overall, Carl wants Kitty to not grow up, to stay as a “puppy”, with no responsibilities to the pack.

In addition, there are vampires who tend to hang out at a specific club. One of them, Rick, visits Kitty at the studio, with questions and – sometimes – photos. The vampires aren’t big fans of the werewolves, but Rick seems to find Kitty interesting and is nice to her.

Other problems arise. One of the police, a woman who talked with Kitty after Cormac had been taken in for questioning, asks Kitty to help her with a case. Someone was killing young women, and the police officer wanted Kitty to see if she could identify the killer from his scent.

There’s also a traveling … I guess I’d call it a “revival” tent.. that moves from one location to another in the dark of night. The man in charge – and his followers – claim he can “cure” people from vampirism and lycanthropy. Kitty wonders if that’s actually true.

The story takes a while before the reader learns how Kitty became a werewolf. The flashback gives the reader some insight about what happened to her that night. One thing I can say is that it reveals who turned her into a werewolf, and how quickly the pack found her. The pack becomes her family.

In addition, she and Cormac become friends. There is at least one scene where he helps her get home after being attacked. Werewolves heal quickly in this story, but that doesn’t mean they heal instantaneously. Kitty and Cormac seem to have an attraction to each other, and I’ll leave you to read that scene for yourself.

It is my understanding that Kitty And The Midnight Hour is the first book in the series. The second one is called Kitty Goes to Washington. I’ll have to remember to look for that one the next time I visit my local bookstore.

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