This is Lamb. I got him from a Menagerist Goblin during Season 8. The flavor text for this pet says: The battlefield is no place for a child, unless he’s got a copper sword.

Menagerist Goblin – Napper of Pets

The Menagerist Goblins are the only type of Goblins that drop pets. They can also drop some random loot.

My Barbarian, Zena, is standing with three Ancients and the Templar, as they try to figure out what to do with the kid the goblin dropped.

Most of the time, Menagerist Goblins drop pets – but this one dropped a child. Zena the Barbarian should probably let the people of Sanctuary know about that. Keep a close watch on your child, or a Menagerist Goblin might steal him or her away!

What should Heroes do when the “pet” turns out to be someone’s kid?  I doubt there is a system set up in Sanctuary that can reunite lost children with their parents. There is, however, a parent in the Survivor’s Enclave in Westmarch named Clara, who has lost her children.

Clara is one of many non-player characters (NPCs) that players can talk to in the Survivor’s Enclave while you are playing in Campaign Mode. She does not appear if you are playing in Adventure mode.

Clara: Pieter and Lera have been playing hide from the monster all day.  Such imaginative children.

Wizard: There are no children here.

Clara: I said they were hiding, didn’t I?

When you first encounter Clara, the implication is that her children died during the attack on Westmarch.  She seems to be deeply in the denial stage of grief, and has convinced herself that her children are alive.  They’re playing – they are having fun – they are just fine!

Another interpretation, given the evidence that a Menagerist Goblin can randomly drop an abducted child, is that Clara wasn’t wrong.  It’s possible that Pieter and Lera started their day playing “hide from the monster”. Clara has no idea that Pieter has been nabbed by a Menagerist Goblin.

By the time the player finds Pieter, he is so traumatized that he has lost the ability to verbally communicate.  He can’t tell you his name.

Imagine what it would be like to be a small child who lives in Sanctuary.  A Menagerist Goblin would be almost your size.  The next thing you know, the little monster grabs you and stuffs you into its bag!  You can’t escape. The Goblin runs across battlefields that have all kinds of scary monsters, and dead bodies, and other things a child shouldn’t see.

The Heroes who find the Menagerist Goblin immediately start hitting it with weapons and spells, unaware that there is a little kid inside the Goblin’s bag. The people whom Pieter may have hoped could save him …. unwitting started attacking him.

I’m starting to think that Clara’s children weren’t as “imaginative” as she thought they were. Maybe they were being stalked by a Menagerist Goblin. They tried to tell their mother about the “monster”, but she didn’t understand that they were being serious. This left them with few options other than to try and “hide from the monster.”

The flavor text on the Lamb item says: You found a lost little lad. Now you must care for him.

Players have to click on the pet item in order to unlock Lamb.  He automatically gets moved to your Wardrobe, with the rest of your pets.  You can equip any of the pets that you have collected via the Wardrobe.

Lamb is the size of the other children who are in Sanctuary. He comes equipped with his own copper sword and small shield. I am not surprised that this child feels the need to be well armed, after what he has been through. Lamb, like the other pets, picks up gold for you.

Here’s a better look at Lamb.  Zena the Barbarian looks a bit tired from protecting the small boy, and ready to return him to Clara.

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