This is Malfeasance. I got this creepy pet from a Menagerist Goblin shortly after Season 11 ended. The Menagerist Goblins are the only ones that drop pets.

The flavor text for this pet says: Could it be Malthael’s country cousin?

Merriam-Webster defines the word Malfeasance as: wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official. 

There are plenty of creatures in Diablo III that are the manifestation of something. There are Aspects of Anguish, Destruction, Hatred, Lies, Pain, Sin and Terror. The Malfeasance pet seems to be the physical form of the concept of malfeasance.

I’m going to be picturing this creepy creature following around politicians who behave badly. Someone with much better photoshop skills than me could probably add Malfeasance to photos of politicians who break laws.

When a Menagerist Goblin drops a pet, it falls on the ground and looks like any other Legendary item.

The flavor text on the Malfeasance item says: What is this thing?

That’s a very good question. One thing is for certain: Malfeasance cannot possibly be related to Malthael. There is a physical resemblance, but that doesn’t mean they are “cousins”. Malthael eventually became the Angel of Death. All the Angels are related to each other. Malfeasance is definitely not an angel, and doesn’t have anything to do with death.

Malfeasance floats and follows the player character. It also picks up the gold that drops on the ground. All pets do this, but it somehow, it seems fitting that Malfeasance collects gold that belongs to someone else.

Here is my Crusader with Malfeasance. I love how creepy this pet is!

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