Master of the Teganze completedMasters of The Teganze is one of the class Achievements for Witch Doctors.  It requires players to reach level 60 with 2 Witch Doctors.  This Achievement can only be earned on Witch Doctor characters.

It does not matter if the two Witch Doctor characters that you leveled to 60 are softcore characters, hardcore characters, or one of each.  This is great because it allows players to earn the Achievement no matter which play style they happen to prefer.

I earned the Masters of the Teganze Achievement on June 16, 2016, during Season 6 of Diablo III.  It was not my intent to earn this Achievement that day – it happened accidentally.  Both of the Witch Doctors I leveled to 60 were hardcore characters.

Who died level 67 Season 6I named my first Witch Doctor of Season 6 “Who”.  I cannot find the screenshot I took when he reached Level 60.  It’s possible that I didn’t take one because I was unaware that there was an Achievement for getting two Witch Doctors to Level 60.

Witch Doctor Who is now in the Hall of Fallen Heroes.  He made it to Level 69.  Obviously, he could not have reached Level 69 without first hitting Level 60.

Master of the Teganze achievementMy third Witch Doctor of Season 6 was named McCoy.  When he hit Level 60, the Achievement Toast for the Masters of The Teganze Achievement popped up.  It was a nice surprise!

In general, when a hardcore character dies before reaching Level 70, it feels like a huge disappointment.  It’s annoying to have to start all over again on a new hardcore character during a Season.

There is another way to look at it.   If that character reached Level 60, then you are at least halfway done earning the Masters of the Teganze Achievement.

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