Meipo is my brand new little Mage in World of Warcraft. This is my favorite screenshot of her.

In this blog, I have some highlights as I leveled her up. These screenshots were taken between November 5, 2018, and November 18, 2019.

The reason I created Meipo the Mage was so that I could play World of Warcraft with a friend of mine. He and I both play Dungeons & Dragons together. He made a WoW character based on his D&D character a while ago.

Originally, we were thinking that my Kobold, Meepo, should be a Goblin in WoW. But, that would mean we’d be in opposing factions, and unable to play together. So, the WoW version of my D&D character is a Gnome.

I’m kind of bummed that it wasn’t possible to spell her name the same way. Who knew Meepo was such a popular name? I settled for an alternative spelling. Meipo’s hair is green because she is based on my green Kobold.

We played together a little bit, and then both got busy. My first goal was to get Meipo to Level 50 – which is where my friend’s Gnome was at.

50 Quests Completed

Level 10

Meipo became a Fire Mage. Her D&D counterpart, Meepo is a Sorcerer who used the Fire Bolt cantrip often. (She also used Lightning, but that doesn’t seem to be a Mage option in WoW).

Meipo fought Mangeclaw. This is the end of a short quest chain, and it took me a few times before I was able to kill the polar bear. If I remember correctly, the reward is Mangy Gloves (which are white, like MangeClaw).

Meipo got her first Cooking Award.

Meipo earned the 25 Fish achievement while fishing in Ironforge. The requirements on this one are lax. It counts fish, and sickly fish, and whatever garbage your character accidentally fishes out of the water.

Meipo used a Rat Catcher’s Flute on the rats in the Deeprun Tram. The Enthralled Deeprun Rats followed her to the quest giver. Her D&D counterpart would have cast Friends on them instead!

I really like the fireball effects in World of Warcraft.

Meipo earned the Explore Dun Morogh Achievement.

Miepo earned the 5 Daily Quests Completed achievement. I was working on her Cooking and Fishing Skills because I figured it was an easy way to gain some XP (experience points).

Here’s a scenic view in the Valley of Kings area in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft celebrated its 14th Anniversary between November 16, and November 30, 2018. Players who logged in during that time got a special email.

From: The WoW Dev Team

Subject: WoW’s 14th Anniversary!

Wow. Yet another year has gone by for WoW!

We wanted to thank you for continuing to play World of Warcraft with us. So here’s an Anniversary Gift to go with your adventures!

The WoW Dev Team

The letter included an Anniversary Gift Package. Inside was 200 Timewarped Badges, a Celebration Package item to increase experience and reputation gain by 14% for 1 hour, and a “Letter from the Timewalkers” which directed players to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

It also includes a quest called The Historian. This required Miepo to go to Stormwind and find Historian Llore. He asks the player a lore question.

The reward for getting it right is Overturned Corgi Goggles. It is a toy that you can find in your Toy Box.

Anduin Wrynn, Corgi King of Stormwind!

Corgis everywhere! The Overtuned Corgi Goggles are fun to play with.

Meipo the Mage experienced her first Winter Veil. She is too low level to do most of the holiday quests. But, she did get to open some presents.

He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty: Open one of the presents underneath the Winter Veil tree once they are available.

At Least You’re Being Careful: Proud owner of the 2018 Vintage Winter Veil gift, the Toy Armor Set.

100 Quests Completed

Achievement Progress: The Road to Thelsamar

This is what Meipo was wearing when she was Level 19.

The Old Gnome and the Sea: Successfully fish from a school.

50 Fish: Fish up 50 items.

Meipo reached Level 20!

Giddy Up!: Learn the Apprentice Riding Skill

The Gnome racial mounts are fun, and bouncy, and hard to take seriously. I didn’t have to buy one for Meipo because I already had one. (My Gnome Death Knight bought it a long time ago.)

It didn’t take long for me to switch over to a faster mount. I think it got updated since the last time I used it. Or, maybe I just forgot. The spots look cool, and it feels like Miepo is riding a dinosaur.

Miepo was killing creatures for a quest when Lord Condar attacked. She managed to kill it before it could kill her. It didn’t drop anything special.

Miepo bought a Common Grey Shirt at Ironband’s Excavation. She got a few more transmog items from finishing a quest there.

Wise Man’s Belt

Whispering Vest

Meipo is wearing the Solstice Robe. It might be the most colorful thing she has found to wear (so far). It is also a transmog item.

Solstice Robe

The Seer’s Fine Stein dropped from a fox in Loch Modon.

Meipo got attacked by Ashtail, a fox-like creature that had the ability to disappear into a puff of smoke.

Ashtail dropped the Simple Robe of the Aurora. It is a transmog item.

Fashionista: Chest: Collect 100 chest slot appearances.

Meipo did not collect all of those herself. The achievement is one that takes into account all of the transmog items that your characters pick up.

Meipo is wearing the Simple Robe of the Aurora.

Achievement Progress: The Axis of Awful

Achievement Progress: The Farstrider Lodge

Miepo earned the Explore Loch Modan achievement while riding along on a Skystrider mount piloted by a Gnome named Ando.

The way to finish the Twilight Threats Achievement, and complete the Loch Modan Quests Achievement, is to turn in a quest at Algaz Station.

Meipo got a Bright Belt from a Leech Stalker.

The Bright Belt is a transmog item.

There is a quest that leads the player into Thelgen Rock to pick up an item. Doing so causes Torrention to appear. It is a huge water elemental type creature.

The player doesn’t have to kill Torrention. It just stands there until the player attacks it. Kill Torrention, and it drops a Floodsurge Core – which begins a quest.

Turn in the quest, and you get a Floodsurge Coat.

Achievement Progress: Slabchisel Survey

Miepo got Marblebeard’s Shrug – her very first shoulders! She was Level 25.

Marblebeard’s Shrug is a transmog item.

Miepo got the Wand of Infectious Dementia from Captain Stoutfist in Menethil Harbor.

At Level 26, Meipo learned a fire shield skill.

Meipo got the Cursed Eye of Paleth by completing quests involving the ghosts of soldiers and marines. It is a transmog item.

Achievement Progress: The Flooding of Menethil

Meipo got Steelbrow’s Old Robe. It goes nicely with her hair and eyes. So do the Merchant Marine Sandals she got from somewhere.

Steelbrow’s Old Robe is a transmog item.

The Merchant Marine Sandals are also a transmog item.

A Simple Re-Quest: Complete a daily quest every day for five consecutive days.

Lunch Lady: Learn 25 cooking recipes.

I went back to Thelsalmar and finished the Explorer’s League quest. It is the one where you pick up a book and run around looking for scrolls.

Torren Squarejaw: You located all of our documents! We can’t thank you enough for the help…we’d all but given up hope. It seemed sure that the Dark Irons would be able to act upon all of this information soon. It’s good to know that they’ll left blind in their attacks for quite a while yet.

To thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf, we would like to offer you a gift. An artifact really… something we recovered from one of our digs. You have the appreciation of all of the Explorers’ League.

The gift is a Star Shooter wand. It leaves a trail of glowing stars behind Meipo when she runs!

The Star Shooter is a transmog item.

Meipo fought Horrorjaw

Achievement Progress: Engineers and Archaeologists

A Dragonmaw Whelpstealer dropped a Demon Band ring for Meipo.

The Floodlily Robes come from Ferilon Leafborn as a reward for completing a quest. It is a transmog item.

Rethiel the Greenwarden is huge! If you look closely, you can see Miepo the Gnome by one of his feet. Relthiel the Greenwarden can be found in Greenwarden’s Grove.

Level 30!

It has been a long time since I took a low-level character across the Thandol Span for the first time. When I did it before, I was in a party with my husband. He went over the Span without me, because I was doing a pet battle.

Neither one of us knew that entering the Thandol Span would start an event. I didn’t mind missing it at the time. It was nice to see this event from the start this time around.

Thargas Anvilmar: Balgaras?! And the others… you were all dead! What foul trick is this?

Calamoth Ashbeard: Your petty triumphs have been futile. The power of the Twilight’s Hammer is absolute!

Calamoth Ashbeard: Rejoice, for you shall be the first to die. We will sweep across Khaz Modan and burn all to ash.

Thargas Anvilmar: I don’t care how many times I have to kill you… I’ll take you all on to save this land!

Shilah Slabchisel: Aye, and so will we!

Calamoth Ashbeard: What luck! The offerings throw themselves upon the altar!

Calamoth Ashbeard: ATTACK! LET NONE SURVIVE!

Thargas Anvilmar, Shilah Slabchisel, Forba Slabchisel, and Captain Stoutfist: FOR KHAZ MODAN!

The bad guys explode, and the battle ends.

Achievement Progress: Wardens of the Wetlands

Achievement Earned: Wetlands Quests

The Khaz Modan mantle is a transmog item.

Achievement Earned: Explore Wetlands

Explore Wetlands: Explore Wetlands, revealing the covered areas of the world map.

The quests involving Quae and Kinelory are fun. Read the quest text closely, and it is clear that they are a couple.

Turn in the finished quest chain from Quae and Kinelory, and you get the Stormgarde Surcoat. It is a transmog item.

Finish the quest where you kill Otto and Falconcrest – and bring back their heads – and you get the Demon-Trafficker’s Belt. It is a transmog item.

I don’t remember which quest rewards the player with the Dustfall Bracers. It is a Transmog item.

Meipo got the Scaled Cloak of the Fireflash from a spider. It is a transmog item.

There is a quest in Faldir’s Cove that requires players to swim underwater and find Elven Gems. Players can use the Goggles of Gem Hunting to make the underwater gems glow.

Achievement Progress: Faldir’s Cove

The reward for completing the Faldir’s Cove quests is O’Breen’s Dress Robes.

I went to Stormwind, temporarily abandoning the quest chain I had been working my way towards around Refuge Pointe. I thought the Noblegarden event was still going on, but it turned out it ended the day before.

Meipo could use a bigger bag. The one I wanted to buy required a higher reputation with Stormwind than Meipo had. So, I started doing some Stormwind related quests.

Meipo earned the Journeyman Cook Achievement after buying a bunch of recipes off of a vendor who was on the upper floor of an inn.

Talk to Little Adeline in the Flower Shop in Stormwind. She will ask you if you like flowers. There is an option for players to click “Yes”. Little Adeline will drop flower petals on the player.

Meipo collected Stormwind Balloons for a little Draenei girl who lost them. The tiny girl gets carried away by the balloons, and seems to be enjoying the journey.

Meipo got some quests that required her to kill Kobolds (and take their candles while collecting gold dust). Somehow… that just seemed wrong.

Kobold Candle – “You took it.”

The Kobold Candle is a reward for completing the “I TAKE Candle!” quest. The quest giver is Jimb “Candles” McHannigan at Fulbrow’s Pumpkin Farm.

It is the only reward offered to Mages. Other classes may get something else.

Meipo went to The Darkmoon Faire for the very first time and got a fancy Darkmoon Top Hat.

She got to ride a pony!

Meipo also got to ride a Murloc on a Carousel. It matched the colors of her outfit and her hair.

Going Down?: Fall 65 yards without dying.

Meipo earned this Achievement at The Darkmoon Fair, after getting shot out of a rocket. She accidentally closed the parachute way too early and failed to land on the target.

Meipo got the Well-Stitched Robe from Sara Timberlain.

The Well-Stitched Robe is a transmog item.

The Red Linen Sash, and the Red Linen Shirt also come from Sara Timberlain. Both are transmog items.

The Elastic Wristguards come from Marshal McCree. It is a transmog item.

Meipo earned the Fashionista: Talbard Achievement when she bought a Stormwind Talbard.

The Stormwind Talbard is a transmog item.

250 Quests Completed: Complete 250 quests.

Aw, Isn’t it Cute?: Obtain one of the Children’s Week reward pets through questing.

Meipo earned Speedy.

Meipo got the Simple Blouse of the Aurora from Fedfenel (after she killed him). It is a transmog item that apparently shows up as “Simple Blouse”.

Explore Elwynn Forest: Explore Elwynn Forest, revealing the covered areas of the world map.

Meipo fought Hogger. This wasn’t as exciting a battle as it was the first time I did this (on another, much older, character).

A mini event happens right before the battle ends. In it, an NPC (non-player character) mentions taking Hogger to the Stormwind Stockades, and something about King Varian Wrynn.

At the time Miepo went through this part of the game, King Anduin Wrynn was on the Stormwind Throne. I wish the mini event could have been updated to reflect current content.

The Crime Scene Tape is a belt that comes from Lieutenant Horatio Laine. It is a transmog item.

The Urchin’s Pants are a transmog item that come from Deputy Ranier.

Farmer Saldean gives the player Harvester Boots…

…and it shows up as Watched Watcher’s Slippers in Appearances.

Meipo earned the Crime Scene Investigation Achievement.

Meipo got the Sentinel Hill Surcoat from Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.

Meipo earned the Golden Sunshine Cloak after completing the Westfall Stew quest. Salma Saldean (at Saldean’s Farm) is the quest giver. Mages get this cloak as a reward. Other classes might get something else.

The Mystic Riverpaw Wand comes from Captain Danuvin at Sentinel Hill.

Legwork Trousers come from Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle at Sentinel Hill.

The Torchlight Wand is one of the two rewards players can choose after completing The Coastal Menace quest. The quest giver is Captain Grayson, a pirate ghost who stands in front of the lighthouse.

The Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure quest is optional. Players who finish it receive a Silver Bar, Captain Sanders’ Shirt, Captain Sanders’ Booty Bag, and Captain Sanders’ Sash.

Captain Sanders’ Sash is a transmog item.

Captain Sanders’ Shirt is also a transmog item.

Meipo got the Curved Dagger from Mama Celeste at Fulbrow’s Pumpkin Farm. It is a transmog item.

Meipo obtained the Sylverian Dreamer mount. She hasn’t learned the flying skill yet. That’s ok, because this beautiful dragon can run!

Honorable Medallion: Enter a Battleground or Arena and Learn the spell Honorable Medallion.

I honestly have no idea what triggered this Achievement. I don’t remember taking Meipo into a Battleground or Arena. She’s standing in Stormwind, and has never gone into the Stormwind Stockade.

Flame Warden of Eastern Kingdoms: Honor the flames of Eastern Kingdoms.

Meipo hit Level 39 shortly before earning this Achievement. I find that the holiday events are really good for leveling up characters.

Meipo received a letter from The WoW Dev Team. It was about WoW’s 15th Anniversary! Every player who logged into WoW during the anniversary celebration got this letter on all of their characters.

Wow, yet another year has gone by for WoW!

We wanted to thank you for continuing to play World of Warcraft with us. So here’s an Anniversary Gift to go with your Adventures!

We hope that you will join us for a very special celebration in the Caverns of Time!

The WoW Dev Team

The letter contained an Anniversary Gift. It included 25 Timewarped Badges, a Celebration Package that increases all Experience and Reputation gains by 15% until the celebration ends, and an Invitation from the Timewalkers, which begins a quest. Meipo was too low a level to start that quest.

The Anniversary Gift included Lil Nefarian.

The Anniversary Gift also included an item that was an incredibly appropriate one for Meipo (who is based on one of my Dungeons & Dragons characters).

The Celebration Firework can only be used during the Anniversary Celebration. It can be used over and over again!

Meipo found a shiny!

The Evidence Collection Gloves are from Captain Alpert in Moonbrook. I’m not sure if they are a transmog item or not.

I like to stop and take screenshots of the scenery in World of Warcraft whenever I find a nice view.

Meipo hit Level 40 somewhere in Stromguarde Keep. I was unable to get a screenshot of it because it happened while she was in battle.

Level 40: Reach Level 40.

WoW’s 15th Anniversary: Logged in during WoW’s Anniversary.

Meipo has become a terrifyingly effective Fire Mage!

rThe purpose of going to Stomgarde Keep was to collect the Stromgarde Badges that were taken by enemies after they killed Alliance soldiers. The player must bring the badges to Captain Nials in Refuge Pointe.

Captain Nials: Privates Horus, Tilling, Rockwell…

Captain Nials: Tormil, Gamlor, Shefferd, Cowry…

Captain Nials: So many lost. And so many more we must lose before this battle ends.

Captain Nials: Thank you for these badges, Meipo. I will send news to the families of the deceased.

Captain Nials gave Meipo the Slippers of Sorrowful Tidings. I don’t remember if they are a transmog item or if they are not.

Time for a rest!

A Witherbark Fisher dropped a Shimmering Stave of the Aurora.

The Shimmering Stave is a transmog item.

Part of a chain of quests that Meipo was working on involved killing Kobolds. It was a different group of Kobolds than the one she had to kill before. Again, this just felt wrong!

Meipo was now strong enough to kill two raptors at the same time.

One of the raptors dropped the Silver-Thread Amice shoulders. I have no idea how the raptor obtained this item, nor why it was carrying it around. The Silver-Thread Amice is a transmog item.

Meipo hit Level 41 while fighting Cresting Exiles.

Meipo found Boros, a giant bug that was a level higher than she was, and an Elite. It was somewhere in Dabyrie’s Farmstead.

Meipo killed Boros! She didn’t have a quest for this, so there’s a chance she might have to return someday and kill him again.

Meipo fought Kor’gresh Coldrage in Bolderfist Hall. She has a quest for that.


Next, Meipo fought Phalanax, a Level 42 elite. She did not have a quest for this one. She needed something to do while waiting for her hearthstone cooldown to finish so she could turn in a quest.

Phalanax dropped the Elder’s Cloak of the Aurora.

The Elder’s Cloak of the Aurora is pretty.

The Horned Stilletto of the Aurora is a transmog item.

Back to Stromgarde Keep to complete more quests! Miepo fought, and killed, Foulbelly. He dropped the Brigade Breastplate of the Quickblade, which is mail. Miepo cannot use it.

Meipo also fought, and killed Or’Kalar. It was an interesting battle, because Or’Kalar’s Stomp causes knockback. I’m not sure what gender Or’Kalar identifys as, but they are wearing the skimpy type of chest armor that is typically assigned to female characters.

Meipo hit Level 42 standing in front of Apprentice Kryten. He gives players a quest that requires them to obtain three objects that are inside the tower behind him.

The quest must be turned in to Skuerto, who is in Refuge Point. It requires Trelane’s Phylactery, Trelane’s Orb, and Trelane’s Ember Agate. The reward is Trelane’s Leggings.

Meipo was tasked with grabbing three of Trelane’s things. Those things seem really valuable, and were somewhat guarded by ogres. This brings up a question. How did Skuerto obtain Trelane’s Leggings? It seems like that item would have been in the tower with Trelane’s other possessions.

Maybe some other adventurer brought Trelane’s Leggings to Skuerto, shortly before Meipo turned in the other items. Or, maybe Skuerto was ran out of bag space while in the tower, and decided to use his hearthstone to get back to Refuge Point.

Achievement Progress: Refuge Pointe

Miepo made friends with Trained Razorbeaks by feeding them.

She got the Gryphon Down Scarf, which is a transmog item.

Meipo hit Level 43 in Drywhisker Gorge.

Geomancer Flintdagger is a Level 43 elite.

He dropped the Twilight Robe, which is a transmog item.

Meipo looks like a little kid who dressed herself for the first time.

The best thing to do while flying is to take screenshots of the scenery. In this one, Meipo is flying over part of Arathi Highlands.

Fast and Furious: Learn the Journeyman Riding Skill.

Players must be at least Level 40 to purchase the Journeyman Riding Skill. Meipo was Level 43, and finally got around to buying it.

10 Cooking Awards

Meipo made a fishing buddy! She was fishing in Stormwind, and this NPC (non-player character) walked over and started fishing next to her.

Miepo needed to kill Fozuk to get the Rod of Order. This is one small part of a long quest chain.

Fozuk drops the Rod of Order. It is a quest item. Players cannot equip it. Characters who have the mining profession can mine Fozuk.

A Plains Creeper dropped the Dwarven Magestaff of the Fireflash.

This is what the Dwarven Magestaff of the Fireflash looks like.

The Dwarven Magestaff is a transmog item.

The quest chain involves a fight with Thenan. Characters who have the mining skill can mine Thenan, too!

Miepo released Princess Myzrael. The process was sparkly and shiny.

Princess Myzrael is a Level 43 elite who is much bigger than either Fozuk or Thenan.

Princess Myzrael drops the Eldritch Bracers. Players cannot mine her. That said, she does spawn a couple of large beings (that look similar to Fozuk and Thenan). You can mine them.

Meipo hit Level 44 at the same time she completed this quest chain.

The Eldritch Gloves are a transmog item.

Arathi Highlands Quests: Complete the Arathi Highlands storylines listed below.

Explore Arathi Highlands: Explore Arathi Highlands, revealing the covered areas of the world map.

Miepo earned the 100 Fish Achievement in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Hillsbrad Foothills is pretty!

Meipo stands before Jintha’ Alor, ready to embark upon a bunch of quests that involve killiing the Trolls that dwell within it.

Gan’dranda seemed very confident about fighting Miepo. He did not survive the battle.

The reward for completing this quest is Theresa’s Bracers. I don’t know if this is a transmog item.

Dron Blastbrew gives players a quest to go kill some peaceful, lovely, turtles. It makes me uncomfortable. The reward for this quest is Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler, a fishing pole that Meipo is not yet big enough to use.

The thing I found interesting about this item is that players no longer need to carry around a fishing pole in order to go fishing. There was a time when that was necessary – but not anymore!

In addition, there used to be a series of quests that involved Nat Pagel. It’s been a while since I ran a character through them, and I’m assuming those quests are still in the game.

Dron Blastbrew then gives players a quest to kill the Direglob and bring him back a sample of it.

There is a lovely little quest that requires players to do nothing more than pick up bottles of alcohol that ended up along the shoreline.

Meipo fought The Reak at Skulk Rock. He is a Level 46 elite. It is the only slime that is this color. The rest are green.

The Reak drops the Lord’s Cape of the Fireflash.

The Lord’s Cape of the Fireflash is a transmog item.

Meipo hit Level 45 while fighting with a Green Sludge.

The Direglob is huge and terrifying!

This battle did not go well. The Direglob beat Miepo up, and then swallowed her. She ended up making the “corpse run”.

I took this screenshot of The Hinterlands just because it was pretty.

One more try! This time, I used a Rough Stone Statue, which was able to heal Meipo for a little while. The Direglob ate the statue, but that didn’t immediately stop the statue from healing her.

Next, the Direglob ate Miepo (again). It is possible to fight The Direglob from inside it. Meipo nearly killed The Direglob, and would have succeeded, if it wasn’t for that pesky Green Sludge that joined the battle.

It was time to go back to Jinta’Alor and finish up some of those quests. Maybe it would be easier to fight The Direglob after Meipo leveled up some more.

Meipo hit Level 46 after turning in a quest to Fraggar Thundermantle.

Fraggar Thundermantle gave Miepo the Necklace of Evil Faces. It is not a transmog item because it is jewelry.

He also gave Meipo the Sandals of Tainted Blood as a reward for a different quest.

A Vilebranch Wolf Pup dropped the Durable Bracers of the Fireflash. I don’t remember if it is a transmog item or not.

There stands Miepo, getting ready to harass Ongo’longo. The goal is to make him angry enough to break his chains and run over some Trolls. His bright green color reminds me of The Hulk.

Off he goes!

The reward for completing this quest is the Blood Drinker Staff. It is a transmog item.

Meipo hit Level 47 in Jintha’ Alor.

Meipo fought Morta’gya the Keeper. She drops the Tablet of Shadra, which the player needs for a quest.

The reward for completing this quest is the Leggings of Secret Rituals. It is a transmog item.

Miepo completed the Jintha’ Alor quest chain.

After leveling up a little more, Meipo returned to fight The Direglob again. As before, The Direglob swallowed her.


Meipo gave the Direglob Sample to Dron Blastbrew. He gave her the Wand of Oomph. Meipo has now completed the Stormfeather Outpost quests.

The Wand of Oomph is a transmog item.

The next quest chain comes from Gilda Cloudcaller at Quel’Danal Lodge.

But first… Meipo went back to Stormwind to buy the Reagent Bank. One of the bags she carries is for mining supplies, only. She was also carring a bunch of gems, stuff for cooking, and cloth. The Reagent Bank opened up a ton of bag space for her.

Miepo hit Level 48 while turning in a Fishing quest.

Meipo killed a lot of big spiders, and found the Eye of Shadra at Agol’watha.

The reward for this quest is the Shadraspawn Mantle.

For whatever reason, it comes up as Surlis’ Mantle in the Appearances Tab.

The Fang of Shadra is inside a little container and is easy to find.

The next quest is to kill Qiaga the Keeper and collect the Shell of Shadra. The reward is the Gown of the Last Priestess.

Meipo fought Qiagra the Keeper at the Alter of Zul, and got the Shade of Shadra.

Gown of the Last Priestess is a transmog item.

A lovely view of The Hinterlands.

The next quest is to summon Shadra, a gigantic spider. The player needs to go to Shadra’ Alor and use the Idol of Shadra at the Southwestern, Nortwestern and Eastern Temples.

Meipo earned the Explore The Hinterlands Achievement.

Eastern Temple

Northwestern Temple

Southwestern Temple

Shadra is a gigantic spider that crawls out of the lake. Miepo was able to stand back, throw lots of fire spells at Shadra, and kill her.

This quest chain sends the player to Aerie Peak to speak with Gryphon Master Talonaxe.

The reward for killing Shadra the Venom Queen is the Veil of Aerie Peak.

Meipo got the Quel’Danil Lodge Achievement and the Hinterlands Quests Achivements at the same time by turning this quest.

This is what the Veil of Aerie Peak looks like.

The Veil of Aerie Peak shows up as the Darkcleric’s Veil in the Appearance Tab. I have no idea why that is.

Meipo hit Level 49 while turning in a Cooking quest.

Next, Meipo went to Western Plaguelands. She stopped there at some point, picked up a few quests, and didn’t bother to actually work on them.

One of the quests required Meipo to collect Shaggy Black Bear flanks.

The reward for this quest is Grant’s Signet.

Next, Meipo started working on the Battle for Andorhal quests. Most of them come from (and are turned in to) Thassarian or Lurid.

Meipo killed Dessicated Spearmen and Opengut Behemoths.

She also fought Desiccated Magus enemies.

The reward for turning in the War Machine’s quest is Dried-Up Bracers.

The Dried-Up Bracers are a transmog item.

Rattlegore is a Level 50 elite.

Rattlegore died in an awkward position.

Meipo fought Araj the Summoner from a distance. It worked really well!

Breaking the Phylactery was a little tougher because the skeletons that Araj summoned wanted to come over and attack.

Meipo hit Level 50!

My goal with this blog post was to continue it until Meipo hit Level 50. It took a while to get her there, and the WoW 15th Anniversary experience buff helped speed that along.

I’m not retiring this character, though! Upcoming blogs in the “Adventures of Meipo” series will appear when she levels up more.

Meipo the Mage is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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