Close up of a black crow who appears to be looking at the camera. There is a dark green and black background behind the crow. Photo by Dimitar Donovski on Unsplash
Photo by Dimitar Donovski on Unsplash

One large crow starts barking LOUDLY somewhere nearby. I look outside and find him sitting on the brand new house that was recently delivered to the mobile home park my husband and I live in.

There have been men working on various aspects of this house for a while. Building stairs and small porches to the doors that lead to outside. Putting the skirting around the bottom of the mobile home. Nailing faux shutters around the windows, and adding horizontal slats across the bottom half of the home.

Crow sits on top of roof and barks the sound of annoyance at the humans who are now working inside the mobile home.

Crow is irritated at the human’s large truck (and trailer) AND the men going in and out the doors of the mobile home. Crow is prevented from sneakily getting at the food that the nearest neighbor leaves out for birds to eat.

Wind kicks up, fluffing the crow’s feathers, and he barks LOUDER!

And then… he looks over at me, standing inside my house and looking out my window that overlooks the scene. My husband and I give this crow a small handful of a mixture of walnuts and cashews (that I had dropped on the floor on accident).

It’s not enough to sustain the crow. Just a snack.

Crow turns his head. Looks at me. Looks at the food offering.

Barks a happy sounding bark at fellow crow. Soon, three large, fat, crows are at the corner of our mobile home, eating as many nuts as they can stuff in their beaks.


One crow grabs food and flies away.

Another gets its fill and flies over to the new home. Gracefully lands on the peak of the slanted roof that is nearest the alleyway. Third crow flies to join the second one.

Together, with the wind fluffing out their feathers, making them look more wild…

…they happily bark at the humans who are working on the new home. The two crows look at each other, with mischief in their eyes, and fly away together.

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