Today was Day 25 of the 2017 Fall pollen season.  Mother Nature is laughing at me.  It’s been more humid here than usual and I’ve had bad sinus pain all day long.

The pollen count today was 8.4.  I need the pollen to calm down to a reasonable 6.0 for at least a week before I have any chance of feeling better.  I stayed inside the house all day because I was too sick to go outside.

I looked up from my computer earlier today because something outside the window was moving.  A large dandelion fluff had been picked up by the small breeze.

It fluttered against my window screen, waving its long, white, “fingers”.  It felt like Mother Nature was a laughing at me, delighting in the struggle I go through every pollen season.

Tomorrow will be better because I get to go to acupuncture.  That always helps!

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