This is Ms. Madeleine. I got her from a Menagerist Goblin in Season 12. The flavor text for this pet says: She was created as part of a plot involving hatred, revenge, and murder. For all that, she’s a happy-go-lucky gal!

The Menagerist Goblin is the only type of goblin that drops pets.  The screenshot above was taken shortly after Gurr the Barbarian killed one. As you can see, the Menagerist Goblin dropped a Legendary item called Ms. Madeleine.

The Ms. Madeleine items goes into your bag when you pick it up.  The flavor text on this item says: Someone took the time to create this little doll, then discarded it.

Ms. Madeleine is a poorly made voodoo doll, with stubby little legs.  She has no difficulty at all keeping up with Gurr the Barbarian.

What’s the story behind Ms. Madeleine?  There isn’t anything specific about her past in the Diablo III game. so we are left to speculate.

The Diablo Wiki has information about the Defiled Doll, which looks like a voodoo doll with pins sticking out of it. The Defiled Doll was a Legendary Crafting Material in Diablo II that was used to craft the Sprite Legendary Mojo.  Witch Doctors are the only class that can use Magic Mojos.

The Defiled Doll stopped dropping as of Patch 2.0.6.  Players who had Defiled Doll items could sell them for 50,000 Gold.  The item wasn’t worth hanging on to because it could no longer be used to craft the Sprite Legendary Mojo.

There isn’t any storyline (that I could find) that said where these little Defiled Doll voodoo dolls were coming from. We can assume that, somewhere in Sanctuary, there was at least one Witch Doctor who made their living creating voodoo dolls for people who wanted to use the doll to torment someone they were mad at.

Someone in Sanctuary was angry at a woman named Ms. Madeleine.  That person commissioned a Witch Doctor to create a Defiled Doll for them to use against the real Ms. Madeleine.  The pet named Ms. Madeleine has several pins sticking out of her, and she is missing an eye.  She served her purpose.

To fill in the missing parts of the story, I like to think that the Defiled Doll items in Sanctuary stopped working the day the item no longer dropped for players.  Sanctuary has a long history of having very strange and creepy things happen.  Player characters sold or dropped their Defiled Dolls, and forgot about them.

When no one was looking, some of those dolls got up and started walking around. It was only a matter of time until Menagerist Goblins started collecting them.

Here’s Gurr the Barbarian with Ms. Madeleine.

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