I recently started collecting the Kamala Khan version of Ms. Marvel comics.  I never had an interest in the original Ms. Marvel, but there was something about Kamala Khan that intrigued me.  I’d never heard of a female, muslim, teenage, superhero before – and I wanted to see what her adventures would be like.

Ms. Marvel #1 – Super Famous  is the first of a three-part story.  It was published in January of 2016.  There are two different covers for this particular issue, but the story inside is identical.

In this episode, Kamala Khan has recently become an Avenger.  She’s juggling the responsibilities that come with that along with homework and her social life.  She hasn’t found a balance yet, and just recently noticed that the boy she thought loved her has started dating someone new.  (So far, he’s the only one of her friends who knows that she is Ms. Marvel.)

The other big problem Kamala Khan is facing in this story involves a corporation that is attempting to purchase all the family owned stores in the city for the purpose of gentrification.  It’s a problem that people face in the real world.  The difference is there is something about this corporation (or, whatever it really is) that is way more aggressive than one would expect.

I love the diversity in this version of Ms. Marvel.  The main character is a muslim Pakistani-American.  Her physics teacher is an African-American woman.  One of the other characters in the story has two moms.  The story combines superhero fantasy with real world issues and manages to incorporate a nice amount of humor as well.

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