I just started playing Flight Rising. It is a browser based game that lets you raise, breed, fight, and trade dragons. The artwork is fantastic. All of the artwork you see in this post are copyright of Flight Rising.

When you start, you pick a flight to be a part of. I chose Shadow, because I wanted something somewhat dark that I didn’t happen to be allergic to.

Shadowspawn is my very first dragon. You automatically start with one. Her name came from the random name generator. I chose it because it had the word “Shadow” in it. It also seemed fitting since she is the matriarch of my dragons, and will likely be spawning several babies.

Shadowspawn’s stats:
Guardian Female
Primary: Silver Basic
Secondary: Storm Basic
Tertiary: Green Basic

A second dragon appeared as we were building the Lair in The Driftwood Drag. I used the random name generator once again. Couldn’t resist naming him Bob!

Bob’s stats:
Fae Male
Primary: Forest Basic
Secondary: Banana Basic
Tertiary: Ivory Basic

I decided to breed them. This resulted in two eggs.

Baby dragons! They are so cute!

Here is a quick size comparison between the babies and the adults.

I chose the name first one on my own. Her color reminded me of Pepto-Bismol, and I thought “Pepto” sounded like a cute name.

Pepto’s stats:
Fae Female
Primary: Lavender Basic
Secondary: Steel Basic
Tertiary: Leaf Basic

For the second one, I used the random name generator once again. I was looking for a name that sounded something like the world “blue”. This one is named Bulah.

Bulah’s stats:
Fae Female
Primary: Splash Basic
Secondary: Avocado Basic
Tertiary: Leaf Basic

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