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I am participating in NaPodPoMo 2020. It stands for “National Podcast Post Month” – but it has included international podcasters as well. The goal is to post a total of 30 podcasts during November.

Here is a list of the podcast episodes I released during NaPodPoMo 2020:

ONE: Words of Jen episode 057 – When the Piggy Bank is Empty

TWO: Diablo Video: Season 21: To Level 70!

THREE: Words of Jen episode 058 – Dreaming of Buffets

FOUR: Diablo Video: Season 21: Master Nephalem Rift

FIVE: Words of Jen episode 059 – The Outrage Machine

SIX: Diablo Video: Season 21: Queen Araneae

SEVEN: Words of Jen episode 060 – Spider is Recalculating

EIGHT: Shattered Soulstone episode 282 – Shades of the Nephalem

NINE: Diablo Video: Season 21: Lunatics and Bloodmaw

TEN: Diablo Video: Season 21: More Paragon

ELEVEN: Words of Jen episode 061 – Mind Eraser

TWELVE: Diablo Video: Season 21: Torment I Nephalem Rift

THIRTEEN: Words of Jen episode 062 – That Demon Named Pain

FOURTEEN: Diablo Video: Season 21: Running Greater Rifts Expert

FIFTEEN: Words of Jen episode 063 – How a Washer and Dryer Changed Our Lives

SIXTEEN: Diablo Video: Season 21: Greater Rifts and Revelations

SEVENTEEN: Diablo Video: Season 21: Torment II

EIGHTEEN: Words of Jen episode 064 – The Can of Tuna Rolled Away

NINETEEN: Shattered Soulstone episode 283 – Ready for Season 22!

TWENTY: Diablo Video: Season 21: Cow Level

TWENTY-ONE: Words of Jen episode 065 – Ice Cream Delivery

TWENTY-TWO: Diablo Video: Season 22: Barbarian Challenge Rift

TWENTY-THREE: Diablo Video: Season 22: Nephalem Rift and Leveling Crafters

TWENTY-FOUR: Diablo Video: Season 22: Cydaea and The Skeleton King

TWENTY-FIVE: Words of Jen episode 066 – We are in the Wrong Timeline

TWENTY-SIX: Diablo Video: Season 22: Adria and Vidian

TWENTY-SEVEN: Shattered Soulstone episode 284 – MaxRoll

TWENTY-EIGHT: Words of Jen episode 067 – Vicious Cycle

TWENTY-NINE: Diablo Video: Season 22: Housekeeping

THIRTY: Diablo Video: Season 22: Nephalem Rift on Hard Difficulty

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