This item is called Bureau with Pot. It is one of the items in Neko Atsume that can be used by more than one cat at the same time. Players can purchase this item in the Neko Atsume Store for 950 Silver Fish.

The Bureau with Pot flavor text says: Hewn from porous paulownia wood, the bureau stays cool in summer and toasty in winter.



Bandit, Spooky, and Smokey

Bandit, Sunny, and Snowball

Bandit, Sunny, and Pickles

Socks, Princess, and Shadow

Pumpkin, Bandit, and Patches

Smokey, Sunny, and Pumpkin

Shadow, Sunny and Peaches

Sunny, Bandit and Pepper

Socks, Snowball, Princess, and Shadow

Socks, Bandit, Sunny, and Shadow

Fred, Sunny, Shadow and Willow

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