Neko Atsume is a game where players attempt to attract cats to their home/yard. The only way to do it is put out items that the cats might be interested in playing with. Some of the cats enjoy the Honey Pot.

The flavor text of the Honey Pot says: The inside of this jar keeps a constant temperature for storing sweet things: e.g., honey and snoozing cats.

Most of the screenshots in this blog post were taken in 2017.









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  1. My daughter and I played Neko Atsume for quite a stretch back when it first came out and was only available in Japanese, which made it a bit more challenging. They actually made little kitty figures to sell. My daughter bought me one, which I have left it the wrapper because outside of the wrapper it is kind of just a cat, but the label lets you know it is from Neko Atsume with the corresponding in-game kitty pic.

    1. I also started playing the game when it was only available in Japanese. It is lovely that you and your daughter enjoyed the game together. I had no idea that there were little kitty figures to buy. Those sound adorable.

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