Ms. Fortune is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume. The way to attract one of the special cats is to figure out what items they prefer and to put those items into your yard/house. Eventually, the cat you are trying to convince to visit you will appear.

Some special cats like one particular item, and others are interested in two items. There is only one item that can cause Ms. Fortune to appear. It is the Cardboard House. I had great difficulty getting Ms. Fortune to visit the Cardboard House!

The Cardboard House is described as: “A room with a view, this cardboard house lets your cats watch the world in complete privacy and darkness”. It is an interesting description, especially since some cats choose to sit on the roof (which offers neither privacy, nor darkness). Players can buy the Cardboard House from the in-game Shop for 40 gold fish.

Here is Ms. Fortune in the Cardboard House all by herself.

Ms. Fortune is the Neko Atsume cat that is standing in the doorway with her paw up.  She is accompanied by Pepper (who is in the window) and Gozer (who is on the roof).  It is a good thing that many other Neko Atsume cats play with the Cardboard House, because Ms. Fortune didn’t exactly hurry to visit my yard/home.  After she started visiting, I ended up missing her at least three or four times.  How frustrating!

Many of the other Neko Atusme cats like the Cardboard House












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Shadow and Fred

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Gozer and Pickles

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Breezy, Patches, and Spud

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