Saint Purrtrick is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume.  It is more difficult to get a “Rare Cat” to visit your Neko Atsume  yard/home than it is to get the more common cats to visit.  The best way to convince a “Rare Cat” to visit is to place an item that the specific cat likes.

Saint Purrtrick will visit you if you put the Kotatsu somewhere in your Neko Atsume yard/home. He also likes the Silk Crepe Pillow.   It took a long time before Saint Purrtrick decided to visit me. Fortunately, may other Neko Atsume cats will play with the Kotatsu and the Silk Crepe Pillow.

A Kotatsu is a commonly used item in Japan.  The history of it goes back to the 14th century. Today’s kotatsu is movable and can be placed anywhere in the home.  It is a table that has a quilt over it and a heating unit underneath it.  People sit on a cushion that has been placed on the floor and pull the quilt around them.  The kotatsu provides a nice place to sit and keep warm when the weather is cold.

Saint Purrtrick likes to sit on top of the Kotatsu.  He is a white, fuzzy looking cat with yellow eyes and three bobbed tails.  If you look him up in the Catbook, Saint Purrtrick is described as “Ethereal”.

The Kotatsu can be purchased in the Neko Atsume Shop for 60 gold fish.  It is described as: “A Japanese-style heated table made just for cats, especially in the winter.  Good luck getting them out from underneath it!”

The Neko Atsume cats will share the Kotatsu with each other.

Saint Purrtrick, Bolt, and Callie

Saint Purrtrick, Sunny, and Cocoa

Gozer is on top of the Kotatsu

Bandit is on top of the Kotatsu


Smokey is on top of the Kotatsu

Lexy is on the Kotatsu

Spud is on the Kotatsu

Fred is on the Kotatsu

Breezy is under the Kotatsu

Callie is under the Kotatsu

Pumpkin is on the Kotatsu

Cocoa is on the Kotatsu

Tabitha and Ginger

Marshmallow and Callie

Pumpkin and Bolt

Gabriel and Apricot

Cocoa and Breezy

Speckles and Sunny

Gabriel and Breezy

Smokey and Sunny

Pumpkin and Sunny

Smokey and Breezy

Cocoa and Bolt

Snowball, Gabriel, and Patches

Cocoa, Bolt, and Apricot

Willy, Mack, and Breezy

Smokey, Tabitha, and Patches

Bandit, Gabriel, and Tabitha

Willy, Gabriel, and Marshmallow

Pumpkin, Bolt, and Tabitha

Pumpkin, Snowball, and Bolt

Smokey, Sunny, and Breezy

Callie, Snowball, and Socks

Smokey, Sunny, Snowball, and Spots

Fred, Smokey, Tabitha, and Callie

Tabitha, Marshmallow, Smokey, and Bolt

Smokey, Snowball, Tabitha and Bolt

Saint Purrtrick also likes the Silk Crepe Pillow.  It can be purchased in the Neko Atsume Shop for 20 Gold Fish.

This is what the Silk Crepe Pillow looks like when no Neko Atsume cats are using it.

Saint Purrtrick is on the Silk Crepe Cushion










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