Xerxes IX is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume.  The only way to get a “Rare Cat” to visit your Neko Atsume yard/home is to place an item that a specific “Rare Cat” likes.  In general, you will have to wait a bit between when you place the item and when the cat you wanted to attract appears.

Xerxes IX only likes two items.  One is the Royal Bed.  It is a rather glitzy bed that looks quite a bit like a throne.  Several other Neko Atsume cats will use the Royal Bed, too.  Xerxes IX also likes the Zanzibar Cushion.  A few other Neko Atsume cats like it, too.

The Royal Bed is the fanciest bed in the Neko Atsume game.  It has a red, quilted, bed with gold edging.  It is easy to see why a cat named Xerxes IX will appear after you place the Royal Bed in your yard/home.  He wants a throne!

You can buy the Royal Bed in the Neko Atsume Shop.  It costs 43 Gold Fish.  The description of the Royal Bed is: A gilded, handcrafted, finely upholstered bed fit for catnaps in the lap of luxury.

Xerxes IX wears a little gold crown and wears a fancy blanket.

Other Neko Atusme cats will also use the Royal Bed.  Some like it more than others do.








This is what the Zanzibar Cushion looks like when none of the Neko Atsume cats are using it.  You can buy it in the Neko Atsume Shop for 20 Gold Fish.  The flavor text on the Zanzibar Cushion says: “A regal, elaborately sewn throne fit for royalty.”

Xerxes IX is on the Zanzibar Cushion

I haven’t seen very many Neko Atusme cats use this item.



Lexy loves the Zanzibar Cushion

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