Seriously, I’m going to get my Barbarian, Zeta, through Act I of Nightmare Mode! It was time to stop procrastinating and just get through my least favorite zone in the game, Leoric’s Manor (and the icky, nausea inducing, dungeons).

Here’s a clue that I really don’t like this section of the game: I didn’t take a lot of screenshots. Zeta and the Templar are in the process of killing off a Cultist Grand Inquisitor.

Here’s another clue that I hate this part of the game. Shawn asked me how the game was going – which led to this:


Ding! Level 39!

Kargra the Immortal

Xiar GreedGallow

Kill the Warden!

Maghda introduces The Butcher.

The first time I got to this part (in Act I Normal Mode), I honestly expected there to be a Disney-esque musical interlude here.

The Butcher roars, signaling it is time to fight. He got a whole lot bigger and uglier since Diablo I. I like that Blizzard put him into Diablo III, (for an encore performance). Its a bit of nostalgia, and and a good fight, all in one.

Butchered! – (Nightmare): Kill The Butcher on Nightmare difficulty.

It took two tries to kill him. Sometime later, I realized that I was playing on Monster Power 1. At this point, I was overjoyed to be done with the damned Halls of Agony, etc.

Finally got out of there, which was a relief. Naturally, I returned to town to sell stuff/stash stuff. It turned out I had what I needed to level up my Jeweler, so I did.

OMG Bright light, Ow! What possessed me to do this at 3-ish in the morning in a dark room only lit by my computer monitor?

Got the Achievement I Like Jewels: Raise the Jeweler to Level 5.

Didn’t quite make it through Act I of Nightmare Mode this time. However, I did get through my least favorite part of the game, dinged 39, and killed the Butcher. Not bad!

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