This blog is part of my series about the Operation Gnomeregan event. It was the pre-Cataclysm event for Alliance players. My blogs focus only on the quests in this event that low level Alliance players could access.

The previous blog focused on parts of the “A Few Good Gnomes” quest. This blog picks up with the next quest, which is called “Basic Orders”. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 7 and 24, 2010.

When you turn in your Gnome recruits, Captain Tread Sparknozzle says: “This is the best group of potential pilots you could find?” 

“Ok, well, I’ll see what I can do. I’ve been known to turn even the biggest pile of gnarled gears into a smooth-runnin’ fightin’ machine and I expect no less with this lot.”  

He gives you a quest called “Basic Orders”. Captain Tread Sparknozzle says: Hey! You look like you could give us a hand!”

“If you’re willing to help our cause, we have to get you through training. Gnome training is brutal and rigorous, so I hope you’re ready.”

Follow the orders of Drill Sargeant Steamcrank. He’s standing in front of a group of Gnome soldiers.

Drill Sargeant Steamcrank: All right, you twisted mess of broken gears, let’s get to work!

Drill Sargeant Steamcrank: The first thing you need to learn is proper discipline.

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Show me that discipline with a proper salute when I say so!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Okay, recruits, salute!

To complete this part of the quest, players had to wait for Drill Sergeant Steamcrank to tell them to salute – and then type /salute into the chat box. Doing so makes the player’s character salute.

The rest of this quest worked similarly, with different actions called for. Players had a short window of time in which to get that done. If they missed the window, they could stay put and wait for that part of the quest to roll back around again.

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Nice Job!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: When you go into combat, it is important that you know how to intimidate the enemy with a deafening battle roar!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Let me hear that battle roar!

This it what it looks like when a group militarized Gnomes all roar at the same time.

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Wow, nice and scary!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Remember through, a key factor in winning any battle is positive reinforcement.

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Reward your fellow soldiers in battle with a resounding cheer. Now, cheer at me when I tell you to!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Fantastic!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: However, the most important part of battle is how you celebrate a good hard earned victory!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Show me your best victory dance when I give the signal!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Now, dance!

Drill Sergeant Steamcrank: Superb!

As you may have noticed, various players were coming into this area at different times. They didn’t have to wait for the beginning of the quest to appear again. It was entirely possible to just start wherever things were when you came in.

When you “pass” basic training, return to Captain Tread Sparknozzle to turn in this quest.

Operation Gnomeregan! – Basic Orders is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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