This is my final blog in the series about Operation Gnomeregan. It was the pre-Cataclysm event for Alliance players. My blogs focus only on the quests in this event that low level Alliance players could access.

The previous blog focused on a quest called “Vent Horizon”, which had players getting into a “Thunderflash Flying Machine” and tossing “Radiageigatrons” at Gnomeregan. This blog focuses on the next quest, “Prepping the Speech”. The screenshots you see in this quest were taken on September 9, September 20, and September 24, 2010.

After you have finished with the “Thunderflash” quest, go talk to Toby Ziegear, Speechwriter for High Tinker Mekkatorque.

He has a quest for you called “Prepping the Speech”.

Toby Zeigear: High Tinker Mekkatorque asked me to write a speech that he could give before the battle starts, but I can’t tell which draft is good and which ones just stink.

Could you try some of them out on some of the local gnome residents?  This device creates an image of Mekkatorque saying a few lines from each of my speech drafts.  

Let me know which one works, okay?

You have to test out his speech on three specific Gnomes. He gives you a Gnomish Playback Device, to help. It shows a little hologram of High Tinker Mekkatorque.

Talk to Tog Rustsprocket in Kharnos.

“We will not go quietly into the night!  We will not vanish without a fight!”

“We’re going to live on!  We’re going to survive!  Today we celebrate…”

“…our Autonomy Day!”

Tog Rustsprocket: “Horrible!  Well, all right, maybe it just needs a little cleaning up?”

Talk to Milli Featherwhistle, Mechanostrider Merchant.

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take…”


Milli Featherwhistle: “What?  I don’t even know what you’re talking about!  That’s terrible!”

Talk to Ozzie Togglevolt. You may remember him if you’ve taken his quest that sends you into the Gnomeregan dungeon.

“What I want out of each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every refueling station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in this area.”

“Your fugitive’s name is Mekgineer Thermaplugg.”

“Go get him.”

Ozzie Togglevolt: “Hmm. I suppose it could work. But it could really use a little more umph!”

Then, go back and talk to Toby Zeigear, and turn in the quest.

Toby Zeigear: Oh my. Their reactions were that different? Not completely what I was expecting, but I think I have a speech that will do.

Just let me find where I put it…

He has one last quest for you called “Words For Delivery”.

Toby Zeigear: Here we go. This is the speech! 

It has everything to be a great battle starter: It’s inspirational, has eloquent language and speaks directly to gnomes. Never has a finer speech been written!

Turn this in to Captain Tread Sparknozzle and see if there’s anything else he needs of you.

You have to bring the speech that “will do” to Captain Tread Sparknozzle.

Captain Tread Sparknozzle: This is the speech from Toby? Fantastic!

Recruit, you’ve done all we could possibly ask for and the Gnomeregan Army thanks you!

We’ve got a strike team heading to Gnomeregan now and that wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance.  For all of your help, we’d like you to join the Gnomeregan Reserves!

It doesn’t pay very well, but you do get this snazzy helmet. Hang on to that, you might need it someday!

The reward for completing this quest is an item called Gnomeregan Pride.

It will transform you into a soldier for the Gnomeregan Reserves.

I think it looks a lot like MegaMan. This is where Operation Gnomeregan ends if you are under level 75. My Alliance characters were not yet level 75, so this is where the Operation Gnomeregan ended for me.

Operation Gnomeregan! – Prepping the Speech is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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