August 21, 2017, was Day 5 of the 2017 Fall pollen season. Yesterday, Shawn and I went outside because we wanted to take a walk and play Pokémon GO.  I was struggling a bit, but felt like things were manageable. The pollen count was 7.7 that day.

Unfortunately, the pollen count got higher and I overestimated my ability to physically cope with a pollen count of 8. I probably should have stayed home today.

The main purpose for going downtown today was to run some errands. We needed to get some things from CVS, and I wanted to visit at least one of the comic book shops in the hopes if picking up the Ms. Marvel comics that I hadn’t collected yet.

On a positive note, the comic shop I went into had one of the Ms. Marvel comics I was looking for. Shawn showed me this plant mural that I’d never seen before. It was in an alley.

Painted plants don’t spew pollen. That’s good, because all of the real plants were actively throwing pollen into the air and making me sick.

Next to the plant mural, there was a small flock of fat, happy, and extremely calm pigeons. We stood and watched them for a bit, and none of them seemed to care that we were there. Maybe they understood that we could not easily reach them on the other side of the fence. A few more pigeons arrived and increased the flock.

We also managed to get everything we needed from the CVS, shortly before I hit my limit. Suddenly, I got extremely warm and felt like I was going to pass out. We found the nearest bus stop and took the bus home.

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