Pinky had a very rough day, and for a while, we weren’t sure if he would make it. After a stressful number of hours – he pulled through as though nothing unusual had happened.

We adopted Pinky from an owner that was no longer able to take care of him. His mate had died, and she wanted him to be around more cockatiels. Pinky was clearly overjoyed to hear – and then later – see new friends!

Shortly after that, he got to worked up and freaked out. He moved in a circle on the bottom of his cage, squawking and acting terrified. This was the first time we saw him do that, and it took a long time for me to calm him down.

Over time, Pinky did that less and less. He showed us that he is not only adorable, but has opinions about things – which he loudly expresses.

We often let our birds out of the cage so they can move around and explore. Pinky doesn’t really fly, but is determined to get to where he wants to go anyway.

For whatever reason, he freaked out after landing on the floor. He was making strange noises, and moving in a circle as we’ve seen him do before. But, this time, it looked as though he had lost control over half of his body.

We gently picked him up and put him on a pillow (which was on my lap). I talked to him very quietly, hoping he would calm down, and put a small towel over his back.

After a few hours, Pinky calmed down. But, he still seemed dazed, and did not appear to be able to move.

Eventually, with Shawn’s help, we moved Pinky, pillow and all, to another room where our computer desks are. I put the pillow (and Pinky) onto my desk, where he could see me and hear me.

We thought for sure he was not going to make it, especially since he had been refusing food and water.

All of a sudden, Pinky perked up. He let out a happy chirp, and started trying to walk off the pillow as though nothing had happened.

He hasn’t had a “freak out” since then.

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