Pinky is sitting on the couch, while Marvin and Pepper are on the cage door. How Pinky got there takes a bit of explaining.

Shawn was sitting on the couch, when Pinky launched himself from the cage. Pinky doesn’t fly. We aren’t entirely certain why that is, as he is a rescue cockatiel. However, his lack of ability to fly properly doesn’t stop him from attempting it when he feels motivated.

Pinky launched himself from the cage, but missed the couch he was aiming at. He tried again, and ended up somewhere else on the floor.

Shawn guessed that Pinky was trying to get to the couch – something he rarely has any interest in. So, Shawn put Pinky on the couch. As you can see, Pinky got fluffy and has his crest up, which means he is happy.

Another thing to consider is that, somehow, if Pinky wants to return to the cage he often manages to do it without launching himself into yet another unsuccessful fight. But today, Pinky decided it was time to sit on the couch.

Photo by Shawn Thorpe.

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