Plant Nanny is an adorable app that is designed to remind people to drink more water. It isn’t a video game, but it does include gamification (in a similar way to the Epic Win app).

The goal is to grow a variety of cute plants from a seed to Level 4. After a plant hits Level 4, it goes into your permanent garden and grows more seeds for you. Every time you drink water you are supposed to go into the app and give the plant you are currently growing a virtual drink.

In order to figure out how much water you need to stay hydrated, the app starts by asking your gender and weight. If your weight changes, you can go into the app and update it. At the time I am writing this blog, I have lost 25 pounds since the time I started using Plant Nanny. The amount of water it wants me to drink has not changed.

The plants will start looking sickly if you don’t drink enough water in a certain amount of time. They look absolutely miserable!  This is probably to encourage dehydrated people to drink more water, if not for themselves, than to help their virtual plant feel better.

It is possible for your Plant Nanny plant to die. You get plenty of warning before it happens. If a plant dies, you have to start over with a new one, which can be purchased with seeds.

Here is a look at the types of Plant Nanny plants that I managed to grow to Level 4.  Some are easier than others. There is a star rating on each plant type that gives you a clue about their difficulty level.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy – Level 1

Devil’s Ivy – Level 2

Devil’s Ivy – Level 3

Devil’s Ivy – Level 4

The Devil’s Ivy is now in the garden.


Cactus – Level 1

Cactus – Level 2

Cactus – Level 3

Cactus – Level 4

The Cactus in now in the garden.


Dandelion – Level 1

Dandelion – Level 2

Dandelion – Level 3

Dandelion – Level 4

The Dandelion is now in the garden.

Benjamin Mushroom

Benjamin Mushroom – Level 1

Benjamin Mushroom – Level 2

Benjamin Mushroom – Level 3


Benjamin Mushroom – Level 4

The Benjamin Mushroom is now in the garden.

I will update this blog after I grow more plants big enough to put into the garden.

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