Pokémon GO, like many other video games, allows players to level up their character.  All you need to do is keep playing the game as you usually would and gather experience points.  No matter how you play, you will be able to level your character.

Personally, I just play the game and have fun and figure I’ll reach a new level whenever it happens.  I’m sure there must be ways to maximize your ability to level and to do it in the most efficient way possible.

In this blog, I have screenshots from when my character leveled up in Pokémon GO.  I will add more to this blog when I reach a new level.

The first thing you need to do when you begin playing Pokémon GO is to create a character.  Take your time and see what hairstyles and clothing you like best.  You can change it later on if you want to.  All characters start on Level 1.

Level 2


Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Players that reach Level 5 can pick a team: Valor (red), Instinct (Yellow) or Mystic (Blue).  Choose wisely!  You cannot switch teams.  It is a good idea to find out which team your friends are on before you hit Level 5.

I did not get a screenshot when I hit level 6.  It is gone for good.  The game only shows you what level you currently are.  There is no way to go back and see the “Level up!” screen after you have tapped it.

Level 7

Level 8

I forgot to take a screenshot when I hit level 9 – so I improvised.

Level 10

Players that reach Level 10 will start receiving Great Balls.  They are more effective than regular Poké Balls.

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Level 19

Level 20

Level 21

Level 22

Level 23

Level 24

Level 25

Level 26

Level 27

Level 28

Level 29

Level 30

Level 31

Level 32

Level 33

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