Click a Tiel now has 300 followers!  We’re so happy that you like our little flock of cockatiels.  In honor of this feat, we’ve got a special “profile” post about one of our birds.  This is Pepper.

Pepper was born in 1992.  I rescued him from a pet store. Someone at the store had obviously been hitting him on the head every time he sang.  That left poor little Pepper very scared of people (especially men – since the person abusing him was male).  

After countless hours of devoted and patient attention, and climbing “stairs” to help increase trust, Pepper became the adorable, goofy, lovable cockatiel that he is today.  He even sings whenever he is in the mood to. 

He had a long-term love affair with one of our other birds, Little One, that lasted for years. Recently, he has bonded with his best buddy, Marvin. Pepper is sensitive, and seems to always know when I’m not feeling well. When that happens, he sits on me to make me feel better!

Thank you to all of our followers who enjoy this blog.  When we reach the next milestone – 400 followers – we will have another “profile” of a different cockatiel from our flock.

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