That moment when… your Barbarian considers becoming a Necromancer for Halloween…

This screenshot was taken when I was almost done with the Rathma’s Gift Bounty (in Diablo III). It is located in Briarthorn Cemetery, which is in Act V. The way to complete this Bounty is to fight the enemies who guard glowing containers, and then open the containers to let the skeletons out.

Your character will gain more skeleton “Followers” right up until you open the last glowing container. Before that, these dark colored skeletons will break things and attack enemies with you. Once you open the last container – all of the skeletons disappear.

I took this screenshot because I was amused by the way my Barbarian was standing there, looking as though he could see a benefit to having a lot of skeleton minions. The Scoundrel, who is surrounded by the skeletons, might see things differently.

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