This is me with a Peregrine Falcon.  I had to take my hat off in order to have this photo taken – because the bird wanted to play with a string on my hat.

The Renaissance Faire was so much fun!

I have severe allergies and other health issues. So, here’s what I had to do in order to be able to attend this event:

The day before: Take things slower than usual, so as not to expend too much energy.  Make sure I took all my medicine on time.  Make sure to eat food – and give my body time to get sick from it and then get better. (Having a medication issue with food right now)

The day of, before the Faire: Choose clothing that covers almost all of my skin, yet isn’t going be too warm to wear in the sun.  Cover the rest of my skin with sunscreen.  Wear sunglasses (which are bigger than my regular glasses and therefore will block more floating allergens).  Wear a big hat (to block more of the sun).  Carry all of my medicines (Epi-Pen, inhaler, antihistamines, etc) just in case things go badly for me while I’m at the Faire.

While at the Faire: Avoid eating – until I can’t safely do that anymore – and then eat very very little in order to prevent the problem of having my body decide to… let’s say “get rid of” all the allergens in my system.  Try not to sit on the bales of hay (allergic to them) until I’m out of energy and have to sit down.  Park in a place where I can take a bus into and out of the Faire and avoid having to walk through grass and pine trees – allergic to them.  The bus also helps me conserve my extremely low energy.

After the Faire: Take half a Benadryl immediately, and let that kick in.  Take my “regular” allergy stuff later on.  Take a shower as soon as I can gather up the energy to do it. (To wash off all the allergens)  Eat – and be sick (unavoidable).  Sleep when the combination of drugs kick in.  Sleep until the next day.

While sleeping: Wake up, twice, with eye pain (from being exposed to all the allergens).  Take medicine.  Wait until the pain goes away. Go back to sleep.  (TWICE).

The day After: Start crossing things off my “list” of what I need to get done today because I have absolutely no energy to do most of them.  Take my medicine on time.  Try and remember to eat (and give myself time to get sick afterwards).  Will probably regain a little bit of energy back around three days from now (if I’m super careful and don’t push things).

This is what is like for me every time I want to go outside and do something fun.

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