Every so often, I like to do a “Wrap Up” blog after a Season ends. There are many Seasons where I get to the end and simply don’t have anything additional to say about it. The “Wrap Up” gives me an easy way to stick together a lot of stuff that I didn’t cover in the other blogs about that Season, but still wanted to mention.

Season 10, without a doubt, was one of the most fun. Part of the reason was because I was playing a Crusader. I’ve played this class before, so I went in with a good idea of how they work. To me, it feels like I make more progress through a Season when I play a Crusader than when I play any other class.

The fancy Crusader shield that Everard the Crusader is holding in the above screenshot is called Guard of Johanna. I wanted to point it out because I love how detailed it is. In addition, when Blizzard brought the Crusader from Diablo III over to Heroes of the Storm, the named her Johanna. This is her fancy shield.

The flavor text on the Guard of Johanna says: “Crusader Johanna was famous for her skillful shield work in combat.  When she vanished, leaving this shield behind, many speculated that she was dead.  If true, her name will fall from the Crusader role, as she did not have an apprentice.” Abd al-Hazir.  

Johanna disappeared into the Nexus – and into the Heroes of the Storm game. Now, to be clear, this shield was introduced into the game long before Season 10. But, I was using it a lot during Season 10, so I’m including it in my Season 10 Wrap Up post.

Another fun thing about Guard of Johanna is this: Blessed Hammer damage is increased by 241% (on this particular one) for the first 3 enemies it hits. It makes one of my favorite skills more powerful.

This is what the Guard of Johanna looks like in game.

Here’s another look at this super shiny shield.  It’s one of my favorite shields in the game.


While running through a Nephalem Rift, I somehow ended up with multiple Gelatinous Sire Treasure Goblins. This screenshot shows how much loot they can drop if you are able to kill off a lot of them (and their little, splintered, incarnations.)  I’m certain that some of them got away, too.

During part of Season 10, I was unintentionally playing something close to what I think is called a “Crusader pet build.” The more “pets” I can attach to my character, the happier I am. The Crusader has a skill called Phalanx. It unlocks at level 27, and various runes unlock as you level your Crusader.

Phalanx does this: Summon powerful avatars who charge forward to the targeted destination. Enemies caught in the charge path take 490% weapon damage. Use that skill with a Legendary Two-Handed Flail called Baleful Remnant, which does this: Enemies killed while Akarat’s Champion is active turn into Phalanx Avatars for 10 seconds.  

I’m not quite sure what else I was using, but the result was I ended up with a whole lot of Phalanx.

The set that Crusaders got in Season 10 (assuming the player completed up through Chapter IV of the Season Journey) was Armor of Akkhan. Each piece is a green set piece, and each one has the name Akkhan in it.

The screenshot above is obviously of a Legendary item. It is called Akkhan’s Manacles. The flavor text on this bracer says: “Crusaders are unburdened by the tedium of a worldly life, but they must still be bound by charity, duty, and Akarat’s will.” – Akkhan.  I have a suspicion that there might be other Akkhan items out there, and wonder what picture it all paints if you put all the flavor text together.

I managed to get one Slayer objective completed.

 No, You Can’t Have It Back: Obtain a Legendary item by spending Blood Shards with Kadala.

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