I started off Season 18 fairly early, but not on the first night it opened. Unfortunately, I was unable to create much content from it due to technical difficulties and chronic illness getting in the way.

Much of my time was spent playing Classic WoW with a friend. By the time I decided to focus on Season 18, it was nearly over. I didn’t get very far in the Season Journey this time around.

I’m doing this blog post a bit differently than previous ones because I feel like they have become repetitive. Many Seasonal Objectives remain the same from one Season to the next. I have reached the point where I’d rather write about my progress than fill a blog with screenshots that look extremely similar to the ones in blogs about previous Seasons.

I played a Hardcore Barbarian in Season 18, and he survived to the end of it. If I had put more time into the game, that may not have been the case. I have a tendency to push my characters into difficulty levels that are higher than they can survive in as the Season comes to a close.

I started working on Chapter I, and Chapter III Objectives at the same time. Do a set of Bounties to earn a Chapter I objective. Do all five sets of Bounties to complete five Chapter III Objectives. Most of these objectives were easy to complete.

The ones that required players to level up the Crafters to 10 took more time that I would have liked. It also took me a while to get my Barbarian to Level 50. That could have gone faster if I had decided to play in a group, but I’m not very comfortable doing that when playing a Hardcore character.

If I remember correctly, I got my Barbarian to Level 23 and then… abandoned him in Sanctuary in favor of running around old Azeroth in Classic WoW with a friend of mine. I’m kind of surprised by how much fun that game is!

The unique thing about Season 18 was the buffs. A randomly appearing circle, of pink, green, or blue, would appear. Each gives a different buff to a character that is standing inside it. The idea is a good one, and definitely works with the Triune theme.

I know that I read about what each circle does before Season 18 started. But, I promptly forgot all that when I got into battle. Eventually, I decided my strategy would be to try and get into the circle – whatever color it was – whenever I could. To me, it did feel like I was able to kill monsters a bit faster while standing inside one of the circles.

Here is Ares the Barbarian at Level 37. He still had a way to go before hitting Level 50. I ended up working on some of the Chapter II and Chapter III objectives while trying to level up.

I completed Chapter II after making a ring at the Jeweler.

Ares now had the helm and gloves of the Raekor’s Set. It was the “freebie” set for Barbarians in Season 18. I didn’t necessarily need it because I had a full Raekor’s Set in Hardcore from last Season. But, he couldn’t use it until after Season 18 ended.

Chapter three went by pretty quickly. I’d already completed five objectives – just by completing a set of Bounties in each act. Ares hit Level 70 while working through Chapter II, and I had gotten better at jumping into the colorful circle buffs.

What really moved things along was the way I allocated Paragon Points. It was getting close to the end of Season 18, so I decided to throw Paragon Points into things that I don’t usually select. Everything went into Maximum Fury, Critical Hit Damage, Life Regeneration, and Life Per Hit. For a while, my Barbarian was almost untouchable! Nothing could touch him, except Knockback and Frozen.

The only problem was that he didn’t have enough strength, so killing monsters took a really long time!

Having two pieces of Raekor’s made it easier for me to get more Paragon Points. Four pieces was even more effective. I supplemented it with two pieces of the Blackthorn’s set. The pants are shown in the above screenshot. Later, I picked up the chest.

Eventually, Kadala took pity on my Barbarian and gave him Krem’s Buff Belt – which eliminates the Knockback problem. The Strength problem was solved, in part, by killing Ubers on Torment II difficult and crafting a Hellfire Amulet.

I cannot remember if this is from a Conduit Pylon, or if the Wreath of Lightning Legendary Gem is doing this. Either way, it makes me happy! I don’t always find a Conduit Pylon in a rift, but that’s all right, because the Gem turns me into my own Conduit Pylon.

There wasn’t enough time for me to finish Chapter IV of Season 18. While I’m reasonably happy with the progress I made towards the end of the Season, I know I could have gotten farther if I had been able to put more effort into it.

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