I did not start Season 20 when it launched. My allergies have been terrible, and it took me a while to get started.

I’m playing a Softcore Barbarian this Season. The chance of me doing something stupid while playing Diablo III on allergy medication was too high for Hardcore to be an option.

Things I accomplished in this video include:

  • Used Season Rebirth on my Softcore Barbarian, Zeta
  • Did the Kanai’s Stomping Ground event (only available in March)
  • Obtained Kanai’s Cube
  • Reached Level 12

Season 20: Kanai’s Stomping Ground and Cube is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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  1. I’ve not actually ever really played Diablo III beyond a few quests in the first zone. Maybe I should try picking it up again. Seasons look interesting!

    1. It’s my favorite game, Chestnut. Seasons are fun if you like leveling up characters. Seasons also usually have a fun buff that goes away at the end of the Season. Some people have more fun if they play in a group, but I prefer solo (so I can record my gameplay). If you like dungeon crawlers, you’ll probably like Diablo III.

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