Ares the Hardcore Barbarian was wearing a mix of armor and weapons at the start of this video. What he really needed was some green-level armor to help him make progress.

Players that hit Level 70 unlock access to some green set pieces for their class (often referred to as the “freebie set”). Ares wasn’t big enough for that yet. I decided to see if I could craft any green gear at the Blacksmith.

The first set I crafted was the Guardian’s Deflector. It is a green-four piece set that reduces damage from ranged attacks and gives you a percentage Chance to Knockback on Hit. Wear any two pieces of this set, and it also lets you regenerate 130 life per second and gives you +110 vitality.

What I did not realize when I started crafting this set was that the pieces would be Level 55. Ares was at Level 64. Would this set benefit him at all?

For my next attempt, I had the Blacksmith craft the Demon’s Heart set. It is a four piece set of green gear. Wear one piece and you get +100 Fire Resistance.

Wear any two pieces, and you get Fire Thorns Damage. Three pieces gives you a percentage chance to Fear on Hit. Four pieces gives you a +3% Damage to Demons and a chance to reflect projectiles when you are hit by enemies.

This turned out to be the best possible set for my Hardcore Barbarian to use right now. He entered a Nephalem Rift on Master Difficultly at Level 64, and came out of it at Level 65. The Demon’s Heart set was helpful!

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