Not every video goes as planned. In this one, my video recording software decided that it didn’t want to connect to my headset, which has a microphone. Instead, it thought connecting to software that I deleted a while back was the best choice.

I didn’t realize this until I started editing the video. For this one, I suppose you can enjoy the sounds of the game instead.

Ares the Hardcore Barbarian started out at Level 60. He went through a set of Act II Bounties. Season 21 currently offers double Bounty Caches. It seemed like a good way to level him up some more.

The first Bounty I selected was The Hermetic Key, which was located in Temple of the Firstborn Level 1. Having done this one before, I knew it wouldn’t take long to complete. I hit Level 61 while working my way through this Bounty.

The next Bounty was to kill Zoltun Kulle. It wasn’t the first time I’ve killed him this Season. If you look closely, you can see that I used one of my skills to Fear the Eternal Guardians. They run away! I hit level 62 shortly after killing Zoltun Kulle.

The third Bounty was Clear the Western Channel. It is one where the player must fight their way through level one and then kill everything in level 2. I did not record all of this Bounty – but did hit record after I found a Gelatinous Sire Treasure Goblin.

The fourth Bounty was Kill Gryssian (and 150 enemies) in the Dahlgur Oasis. This one took longer than expected, and included an optional event. I hit Level 63 somewhere along the way.

I was unable to complete the fifth Bounty – The Ancient Devices – which is located in Desolate Sands. I was playing on Master difficulty, and the monsters guarding the Ancient Devices were too tough for me. My recording software decided to stop recording shortly after I entered The Fowl Lair.

It seemed smarter to quit working on this Bounty rather than risk killing my Hardcore Barbarian. As such, I did not earn any Bounty Caches.

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