In this video, my Softcore Barbarian started at Level 9. I decided to try something new in order to complete a specific Chapter I objective.

In the previous video, I killed The Skeleton King and Cydea, so I could complete two Chapter I objectives. What I didn’t know was that each one of them just so happened to be a Bounty.

There is a Chapter I objective called “A New Start”. It requires the player to complete five Bounties. It doesn’t matter which Bounties they are. Two were already done.

Just for fun, I decided to complete two more of the Bounties finding and killing two more bosses that happened to be a Bounty. I selected Adria and Vidian.

Zena the Softcore Barbrian still needs to complete one more Bounty to finish that objective. She ended this video at Level 13.

#NaPodPoMo 2020

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