In this video, my Softcore Barbarian started out at Level 5, just a tiny bit away from hitting Level 6. She killed Cydea and The Skeleton King.

She hit Level 6 while fighting her way to The Skeleton King. One skeleton was all it took! She hit Level 7 immediately killing The Skeleton King.

It turned out that The Skeleton King just so happened to be a Bounty. Four more to go and I’ll have completed another Season Journey objective.

To my surprise, the two “kill the bosses” objectives were not in the same Act. The Skeleton King was Act I. Cydaea was Act III. Maybe this has happened before and I was oblivious to it. But, I think it is a new thing.

On my way to fight Cydaea, I found a Blood Thief Goblin. Of course, I chased it around. Eventually, I managed to kill it. My Barbarian hit Level 8 at the same time I killed the Blood Thief Goblin.

I couldn’t pick up all of the Blood Shards, so I went back into town and gambled some with Kadala. In doing so, I completed another Season Journey objective. Then, I returned to pick up the rest of the Blood Shards.

My Barbarian hit Level 9 the same second that she killed Cydaea. It also turned out to be a Bounty, which means I have now completed 2 of the 5 Bounties required for an objective.

Objectives Completed:

  • Fly to New Tristram: (Chapter I) Kill the Skeleton King.
  • Hey There Kadala: (Chapter III)
  • Calling All Heroes: (Chapter I) Kill Cydaea.

#NaPodPoMo 2020

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