In this video, my softcore Barbarian started out at Level 69. The goal was to get him to Level 70.

The first thing my Barbarian had to do was empty the loot out of his bag. I failed to do that in between this video and the previous one. My plan was to run some Nephalem Rifts, and I wanted to be able to pick up whatever loot I found that seemed interesting.

The second level of the Nephalem Rift had Cuddle Bears, Unicorns, and Twinkleroot flowers. I find them amusing. It made the rest of the Nephalem Rift so much fun!

Objective completed in this video:

  • Above & Beyond: Reach Level 70. (Chapter II)

Achievements completed in this video:

  • Riftomania: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift.
  • Knees & Toes: Reach Level 70 in the Season.
  • Above & Beyond: Reach Level 70.

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