A Barbarian wearing a mix of armor and a horned helmet holds a sword that is producing blue lightning. A large fluffy pet stands near him.

In this video, my softcore Barbarian stated out at Level 60. This means he was now able to fight Malthael and finish some other things that are part of the Season Journey.

There are flashing lights in this video

My previous attempt to fight Malthael was earlier this season when I was still playing my Necromancer. The effort did not go well because of lag. My Barbarian, for whatever reason, is not experiencing any lag at all.

Objectives completed in this video:

  • Everything: Kill Malthael at level 60 on Hard difficulty or higher. (Chapter II)
  • Exquisiteness: Reforge a weapon property to a socket at the Mystic. (Chapter IV)

My Barbarian ended the video Level 61.

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