In this video, my Barbarian started out at level 50 and ended up at level 55. To do this, she completed some – but not all – of a set of Bounties. After that, it was a lot of Khazra, skeletons, and zombies.

Unlike my previous video, this one actually recorded the in-game sounds. I always turn off the in-game music, because I put it on YouTube. I’m trying to avoid copyright strikes.

All it took for me to fix the audio problem for this video was download something and click a button. As such, the upcoming videos should have proper audio.

Another thing I learned by making this video is that I’m having more fun running around Sanctuary killing skeletons, zombies, and now also Khazras than doing a set of bounties all in a row.

That said, I have exactly zero ethereals. There is still time to get them.


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