A level 8 Demon Hunter shows off her first ethereal weapon. Next to here is a nightmare version of a unicorn.

In this video, I finally was able to obtain my first ethereal! I was so excited when I found it that I called it an “Ancient” in the video (without even realizing I said that).

For the majority of Season 24, I was convinced that my game simply did not have any ethereal items in it. I made it all the way to level 70 with my Barbarian – and exactly zero ethereals appeared.

Then, I read a guide on Maxroll that showed that Demon Hunters (at low levels) have the best chance of finding an ethereal item. So, I did a Season Rebirth on my Demon Hunter, and started hunting for ethereals.

An item called Repeating Crossbow came out of a barrel my Demon Hunter broke. It has a turquoise light beam rising up from it.

I was so excited to have found my first ethereal item that I called it an Ancient in the video! Obtaining this item made me super happy and interested in trying to find more of them before Season 24 ends.

Doomslinger is an Ethereal Repeating Crossbow. It has a ton of really good stats on it.

I got Doomslinger! It has lots of really interesting stats on it. Two are in orange print. “Hungering Arrow is guaranteed to piece and also 539% increased damage. Hungering Arrow can only pierce up to 4 times” is one. The second one says: “Gain the Thrill of the Hunt passive”.

The flavor text on this item says: “Each quarrel bears the sign of apocalypse. Whether they harken to a bygone event or one that has yet to come to pass remains to be seen.”

A box that says: Ethereal Recollection. It is an achievement. The box has a check mark next to the ethereal I found. There are a total of 21.

Ethereal Recollection: Collect all 21 Ethereals during the Season to unlock their appearances as transmogs.

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