In this video, my Barbarian hit level 50 and finished Chapter I of the Season Journey. She started with a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty. After that, just to make things more fun, she set out to fight as many skeletons and zombies as she could find.

This video did not go as planned. The video portion recorded perfectly, and my voice in the video is clear. However, for reasons I have not figured out yet, the recording did not pick up the in-game sounds. That made for a very boring video.

The first thing I did was edit the video because it was way too long. I ended up with a video that was just over an hour. To fix the lack of sound in the video (other than my voice) I made use of YouTube’s music collection. Anyone who wants to put a video on YouTube can make use of the songs YouTube supplies.

The songs you hear in this video are:

“Resolver” – Amulets

“Devoid” – ELPHNT

“Serious” – The Tower of Light

“Imagine a New Darker You” – The Tower of Light

“Underworld” – Myuu

“Zombie March” – Sir Cubworth

“Poisoned Rose” – Aakash Gandhi

Objective earned in this video:

  • Forged In Fire: Reach Level 50. (Chapter I)


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