In this video, my softcore Barbarian attempted to level up a little bit more. She started out at level 26. She killed Diablo on Hard difficulty, which was fun, but it didn’t count for the Season Journey objective because it required her to be Level 60.

After killing Diablo, my Barbarian was at level 27. She had a few blood shards to gamble. She gave them to Kadala, and got a blue shoulders.

Objective completed in this video:

  • Hey There Kadala: Spend Blood Shards at Kadala. Kadala has a 10% chance to give you a Legendary. (Chapter III)

Seasonal Achievement completed in this video:

  • Demon Slayer: Reach Level 30.

After that, my Barbarian completed a Nephalem Rift on Hard difficulty. Off camera, she leveled up some of the crafters a little bit more (so as to avoid having flashing lights show up in this video). She hit level 30 by the end of this video.

There’s not a whole lot to show in this video. My plan is to play some Diablo III without recording and level my Barbarian up a lot more. I’ll record my game play again when she is strong enough to get more Seasonal objectives done.


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