A Monk wears a mix of brightly colored armor. One hand is covered by a dangerous looking weapon and the other hand holds a blade. She has glowing wings. Next to her is a monstrosity of a unicorn.

In this video, my Monk ran through some Nephalem Rifts, in the hopes of leveling up to 70. Each Nephalem Rift is unique – and these were some of the most varied ones I’ve encountered.

I decided to view these Nephalem Rifts as if they were Trail Mix. The first one was “Oops! Mostly Skeletons!”. The second one had a lot of demons, ghosts, and skeletons. So, “Standard Trail Mix”. The third Nephalem Rift was “Oops! Too Many Shaman!”

My Monk started this video at Level 65 and ended at Level 67. I was hoping that the Nephalem Rifts would help her get to Level 70, but that didn’t work out.

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