A Monk is wearing mostly white and grey armor. Her helmet has large horns. Next to her is red teddy bear who has stitches.

In this video, my Monk went around Sanctuary in search of more Soul Shards. The only way to get them is by killing some of the “Big Bads”. Not all of them will drop a Soul Shard, but it was worth a try.

There are flashing lights in this video!

At the start of this video, my Monk was Level 50. She had collected three Slivers of Terror (Diablo), two Shards of Hatred (Mephisto), one Fragment of Destruction (Baal), and one Remnant of Pain (Duriel).

My Monk, Faehime, fought: The Skeleton King, Queen Aranea, The Butcher (dropped Essence of Anguish – Andariel), Azmodon, Ghom, Diablo and Rakanoth.

By the end of the video, Faehime hit Level 55.

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