In this video, my Monk went through part of The Darkening of Tristram event. It happens every January in Diablo III. My Monk started this video at Level 17 (but I said 37 because I was tired).

Objectives completed before I started recording this video:

  • A Life with Meaning: Raise the Blacksmith to level 10. Leveling up the Blacksmith unlocks access to higher level weapon and armor recipes. (Chapter I)
  • Just a Hobby: Raise the Jeweler to level 10. Leveling up the Jeweler unlocks access to higher gem recipes. (Chapter I)
  • Watch Yourself: Raise the Mystic to level 10. Leveling up the Mystic enables her to enchant more item tales and unlocks new Transmogrify looks. (Chapter I)
  • Maximum Efficiency: Raise the Blacksmith, Jeweler and Mystic to level 12. (Chapter II)

In this video, my Monk killed The Butcher – who chased her across the dungeon! She also killed King Leoric. By the end of the video, she was level 21. My plan was to go back to town and sell some stuff from my bag, but the game froze and then crashed.

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