Several Goblins have spawned at the same time inside a Torment II Nephalem Rift. My Monk is trying her best to chase them.

In this video, my Monk started out with 41 Paragon Points. She completed a Nephalem Rift on Torment II difficulty. This Nephalem Rift had so many Treasure Goblins to chase!

After completing the Nephalem Rift (and stuffing all the loot she could carry into her bag), my Monk completed a Greater Rift 17. After that, she completed a set of Bounties in the hope of obtaining enough Jeweler recipes to complete a Chapter IV Objective.

My Monk also fought Azmodan. It went really well! She ended this video with 48 Paragon Points.

Objective Completed in this video:

  • Just Look At You: Learn 5 Jewelcrafting Recipes. (Chapter IV)

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