My Monk is fighting a Greater Rift boss named The Choker.

In this video, my Diablo III Monk started out with 70 Paragon Points. The goal this time was to see how many Greater Rifts – on Torment III difficulty – she could complete. She started off with three Greater Rift Keys.

She wasn’t strong enough to complete a Greater Rift 17. The Rift Guardian didn’t spawn until after the timer ran out. Somewhere in that Greater Rift, she got one more Paragon Point – putting her at 71.

Next, she successfully completed a Greater Rift 16. The Rift Guardian spawned with ample time for my Monk to kill it before the timer ran out. She was able to level up a Legendary Gem level 10 to level 13. After she turned in this Greater Rift, she had 73 Paragon Points.

There was one Greater Rift key left to use. The game was allowing my Monk to try a Greater Rift 18. After changing some gear around, in favor of a ring that had a socket that could hold a Legendary Gem, I decided it would be best to try a Greater Rift 17 again. This time went so much better than the previous attempt!

Achievement earned in this video:

  • Gemming Up The Works: Level one Legendary Gem to level 15.

My Monk ended the video with 74 Paragon Points. It was so nice to feel like I was making progress!

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