A Monk is wearing a helmet with horns that curve downward. Each horn has a decoration attached to the end of it. Her armor is green and plant-like, with some red highlights. Next to her is an emerald colored dragon that is floating in the air. The dragon is playing with a round green ball.

In this video, Faehime the Monk started out at Level 38 on Expert difficulty. She started with a Nephalem Rift. After that, she did some Act I bounties in an effort to level up a little more. Next, she started working on some Act II bounties. Unfortunately, my video recording software stopped working before Faehime finished all of those bounties.


Achievement earned in this video:

  • Fearless Veteran: Reach level 40.

Objective completed in this video:

  • No, You Can’t Have It Back: Obtain a Legendary item by spending Blood Shards with Kadala.(Slayer)

Faehime was at level 46 when the video recording software abruptly stopped.

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