Chapter-1-Season-5-start-500x336The Season Journey first became part of the game during Season 4 of Diablo III.

In Season 4, players needed to complete Chapters 1-4 in order to earn a pet and a portrait frame.

The objectives for Chapter 1 have remained somewhat the same between Season 4 and Season 5. There are a few brand new ones mixed in to make things interesting. Players must complete Chapters 1-4 during Season 5 to earn a pet that looks like a tree, a brand new portrait frame, and an entire set of armor (specific to the class of your character).

The screenshot above is what Chapter 1 looks like (in Season 5) before the player has earned any of the objectives.

Season-5-rewards-for-chapter-1-2-3-4-271x500Players who complete Chapters 1-4 during Season 5 get some unique rewards. The portrait frame is a brand new one. The pet is a Wickerman pet. The armor a player receives depends on the class the player selected. I’m playing a Monk in Season 5, so I will end up with the Monkey King’s Garb set (assuming I complete everything required before the season ends).

Season 5 started off with a glitch that was preventing some of the Achievement Toasts to pop-up on the screen. As a result, this blog will contain screenshots that show I completed each objective in Chapter 1, but will be missing some of the Achievement Toast screenshots that go with them.

A-new-start-chapter-1-season-5-500x77A New Start: Complete 5 Bounties. Open up the Waypoint Map in Adventure Mode to see what Bounties are available.

Begin-Again-Achievement-Chapter-1-Season-5-500x354Begin Again: Complete a Nephalem Rift. Click the Nephalem Obelisk in town while in Adventure Mode to start a Nephalem Rift.


Automatic-Achievement-Chapter-1-Season-5Automatic: Kill Maghda.


Iron-Heart-Achievement-Chapter-1-Season-5-481x500Iron Heart: Raise the Blacksmith to level 5. The Blacksmith crafts weapons and armors and salvages items into crafting materials for you.


I-Like-Jewels-achievement-Chapter-1-Season-5-483x500I Like Jewels: Raise the Jeweler to level 5. The Jeweler crafts gems and jewelry and unsockets gems for you.


Shake-It-Fast-Achievement-Season-5-465x500Shake It Fast: Raise the Mystic to level 5. The Mystic can replace one unwanted property on each item for you. The Mystic can also cange the look of your items via Transmogrification.


Fly-To-New-Tristram-Achievement-Season-5-500x495Fly To New Tristram: Kill the Skeleton King.


Socket-To-Me-Achievement-Season-5-500x471Socket To Me: Socket a gem in an item. Gems and items that are socketable do not start dropping until level 15.


Pema-Level-35-Season-5-500x438Wasting My Young Years: Reach Level 35. If enemies are too easy, raising the difficulty will also increase the amount of experience you gain. You can raise the difficulty outside of game through the Game Settings UI.


Chapter 1 Season 5 CompleteChapter 1 has 9 objectives. Complete them all, and a shiny ribbon appears.

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