completed Season Journey Chapter 1

Season 7 has begun!  Each new Season gives players the opportunity to complete the Season Journey.  One of my goals for Season 7 was to complete Chapters I – IV as quickly as I can.  As such, I will be posting blogs about each Chapter as I complete them.

There were some changes made to the Season Journey objectives for Season 7.  Some were the same, of course.  The most noteworthy change in Chapter I is that players had to hit level 50 to complete it in Season 7.  (Season 6 only required players to hit level 35.)

Another change involves the “Achievement Toasts”.  In Season 6, most of them did not pop up for me.  So far, all of the Season 7 “Achievement Toasts” are functioning as they should.

Chapter 1 Season 7

Here is what Chapter I looked like at the beginning of Season 7.  Look closely at the objective called “A New Start”.  It has a meter on it that tells you exactly how much progress you have made on that objective.  That’s new!

Season 7 rewards

The Season 7 rewards include a new Portrait Frame, a Pet that looks like an undead unicorn, and an entire set of armor.  I’m playing a Demon Hunter, so I will receive the Unhallowed Essence set (after I complete certain objectives).

Players need to complete Chapters I – IV to unlock the Season 7 rewards.

A New Start Season 7

A New Start: Complete 5 Bounties.  Open up the Waypoint Map in Adventure Mode to see what Bounties are available.

A New Start completed Season 7

Begin Again Season 7

Begin Again: Complete a Nephalem Rift.  Click the Nephalem Obelisk in town while in Adventure Mode to start a Nephalem Rift.

Begin Again completed Season 7

Lord of Despair Season 7

Lord of Despair: Kill Rakanoth.

Lord of Despair completed Season 7

Slick Deal Season 7

Slick Deal: Kill Izual.

Slick Deal completed chapter 7

A Life With Meaning Season 7

A Life With Meaning: Raise the Blacksmith to level 10.  Leveling up the Blacksmith unlocks access to higher level weapon and armor recipes.

A Life With Meaning complete Season 7

Just A Hobby Season 7

Just A Hobby: Raise the Jeweler to level 10.  Leveling up the Jeweler unlocks access to higher level gem recipes.

Just A Hobby complete Season 7

Seasonal Socketing

Seasonal Socketing: Socket 5 gems into your gear.

Seasonal Socketing complete Season 7

Watch Yourself Season 7

Watch Yourself: Raise the Mystic to level 10.  Leveling up the Mystic enables her to enchant more item types and unlocks new Transmogrify looks.

Watch Yourself completed Season 7

Forged in Fire: Reach level 50.

Forged In Fire completed Season 7

Season Journey Chapter 1 Complete Season 7


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