I’m still moving slowly through Season 11.  For some reason, the gap between hitting Level 50, and hitting Level 70, takes longer than I’d like it to.

Part of the problem is that I’ve been waiting to play Diablo III until after my paid writing work is completed.  I end up playing while tired, and since my Monk is hardcore, I feel the need to be very careful so Qiwoot will stay alive for as long as possible.

One thing that helped move my Monk through Chapter II of the Season Journey was that I completed a couple of the objectives before I unlocked Chapter II.  Some objectives are the same every season, so you can plan ahead a little bit and finish stuff “early” and have it count.

Kanai’s Excellent Adventure: Find Kanai’s Cube.  Kanai’s Cube can be found in Act III in The Ruins of Sescheron.  Kanai’s Cube can be used for very powerful things such as extracting Legendary Powers and upgrading Rare items into Legendary items.   

Friends With Benefits: Fully Equip one of your followers.


Change Clothes: Transmogrify an item at the Mystic.

Qiwoot is now wearing fancy, transmogged, pants!

Qiwoot picked up the Bovine Baradiche while he was working his way through Chapter I of the Season Journey.  It gives players four cows that randomly appear and fight enemies.  They don’t last for a long time, but are reasonably effective.  After they disappear, it doesn’t take very long for them to reappear and join the battle again.

Qiwoot got Fire Walkers.  The flavor text on them says: Tradition has it these boots were forged in the heart of the great Challsop Volcano.  The best thing about Fire Walkers is that they “Burn the ground you walk on, dealing 391% weapon damage each second.”

I was really enjoying The Crudest Boots, because they gave me two Mystic Allies.  Trying to decide which boots to use was difficult – until I looked at the Required Level.  The Crudest Boots were 12, and Fire Walkers were 58.  It was time to make a change!  I stored The Crudest Boots into my stash with the intent to put it into Kanai’s Cube as soon as possible.

Here’s Qiwoot wearing Fire Walkers.

I took this screenshot of Qiwoot because I really liked the way his gear looked.  Unintentionally, I gave him gear that mostly matches.  The red in the gear goes nicely with the red on the weapon.

I had temporarily moved the difficulty up to Expert.  When I started to get sleepy, I moved it back down to Hard.

Soul to Squeeze: Kill Zoltun Kulle at level 60 or higher on Hard difficulty or higher.

Maximum Efficiency: Raise the Blacksmith, Jeweler and Mystic to level 12.

Penchant for Enchants: Replace a property on an item with Enchanting at the Mystic. Enchanting is very useful for replacing an unwanted primary affix on a near-perfect item.


Everything: Kill Malthael at level 60 or higher on Hard difficulty or higher.

Qiwoot killed Diablo, and received the Warstaff of General Quang.  The flavor text on this item says:

“When he took the field himself, the General bore a demon-visaged staff shaped with a number of protrusions and barbs designed for tripping, disarming, and dismounting his opponents.  Witnesses described the General moving through armies like a blur, leaving behind swaths of prone troops for his bodyguards to dispatch.” – A History of War by Lord Jerem Kiel.

I’ve heard of this weapon (which is only for Monks) – but this was the first time I obtained one.

The Warstaff of General Quang is gorgeous.  Look at all those little details! Both ends of the weapon give off some kind of energy.  Qiwoot will be using this weapon until he finds a better one (which will be transmogged to look like the Warstaff of General Quang.)

Above and Beyond:  Reach level 70.

Qiwoot unlocked two pieces of what I like to call “The Transmog Set”.  Players who reach Level 70 in a Season unlock two transmog options.  Do this for three consecutive Seasons, and you will have the whole “set”.  In Season 11, players who hit 70 unlocked the Knees and Toes (or pants and boots) part of the “set”.

Above & Beyond: Reach level 70.

Hot Anvil, Strong Steel & The Real Deal: Craft a level 70 Weapon or Armor piece.

The Little Things That Count: Craft a level 70 Ring or Amulet.


Players who finished Chapter II of the Season Journey in Season 11 received their first Haedrig’s Gift.  It automatically goes into your in-game mailbox, and you have to take it out and put it into your bag.

The Season 11 Haedrig’s Gift set for Monks is Rainment of a Thousand Storms.  The first Haedrig’s Gift gave me the helm and gloves for this set.

Mask of The Searing Sky has flavor text that says: It is said that the hollow eyes of this mask’s fearsome visage will show an enemy her fate.  However, few live long enough to make use of that revelation.

Fists of Thunder has flavor text that says: “When one’s strike is true, the force of the blow expands into an electric shockwave that echoes through one’s soul.” – Matriarch Lion Rasmussen

The helm goes together nicely with the weapon (which isn’t part of the set).

I completed several of the Chapter III objectives while I was working my way through Chapter I.  Doing so means that there isn’t much left to do in Chapter III, and I can zoom right through whatever is left to complete.

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