I am playing a hardcore Barbarian for Season 14 of Diablo III.  Last Season, I played as part of the Solo Self Found League (SSF) on softcore.  This season, I’m doing it on hardcore.

I started the Season Journey on my softcore Demon Hunter. This meant I did not have an easy way of checking what objectives I had completed on my hardcore Barbarian.  It also means that my Barbarian cannot receive Haedrig’s Gifts, because my Demon Hunter already collected them.

Zena the Hardcore Barbarian at Level 51

In the video above, my Hardcore Barbarian started at Level 50 and got to Level 53. There were a few Chapter II objectives that I’d already completed before  I started working on Chapter II. The thing was, I had forgotten that I’d already completed them this Season.

The problem was that the Season Journey carries over from softcore to hardcore, and I started the Season Journey while playing my softcore Demon Hunter. So, when I started hardcore, what I was seeing is a whole lot of completed objectives… that my brand new Barbarian had not actually completed.

I didn’t have an obvious way to see what was already done and what I still needed to do. This led to some guessing and some unnecessary repetition of things my Barbarian had already done.

The first thing I did was move the difficulty level down from Master to Expert. Many of the objectives in Chapter II required Expert or higher difficulty.

Kanai’s Excellent Adventure: Find Kanai’s Cube. Kanai’s Cube can be found in Act III in The Ruins of Sescheron. Kanai’s Cube can be used for very powerful things such as extracting Legendary Powers and upgrading Rare items into Legendary Items.

Expert: Complete a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty or higher.

Friends With Benefits: Fully equip one of your followers.

Got the Mystic to Rank 12.

Change Clothes: Transmogrify an item at the Mystic.

Penchant for Enchants: Replace a property on an item with Enchanting at the Mystic. Enchanting is very useful for replacing an unwanted affix on a near perfect item.

Zena the Hardcore Barbarian at Level 53 (and wearing the helm she Transmogrified).

My hardcore Barbarian started at level 53 and got to level 55 and:

  • Made another attempt to go to the area where players can pick up Kanai’s Cube. Why? Because I forgot that I’d already completed that on hardcore.
  • Ran a Nephalem Rifts in order to gain experience and level up.

I had reached the point in the game where I start to feel “stuck”. The objectives I still needed to complete for Chapter II required me to be Level 60, and I hadn’t gotten there yet. Characters have to reach Level 70 before they can do Greater Rifts. I just didn’t feel like doing a bunch of Bounties because it felt risky for a hardcore character.

My hardcore Barbarian started at Level 55 and got to Level 60 and ran some more Nephalem Rifts. I think I would have been very bored at this point if I hadn’t been streaming. It was nice to have people to talk with while I worked my way to Level 60.

Zena the Hardcore Barbarian at Level 60

My hardcore Barbarian started at Level 60 and got to Level 62 and:

  • Ran more Nephalem Rifts for the purpose of obtaining Death’s Breaths
  • Maximum Efficiency: Raise the Blacksmith, Jeweler and Mystic to level 12.
  • Pay No Mind: Kill Queen Araneae at level 60 or higher on Hard difficulty or higher.
  • Ghom Nom Nom: Kill Ghom at level 60 or higher on Hard difficulty or higher.

 My hardcore Barbarian started out at Level 65 and ended at Level 70 and:

  • Ran more Nephalem Rifts to gain experience and level up some more
  • The Little Things That Count: Craft a level 70 ring or amulet.
  • Hot Anvil, Strong Steel & The Real Deal: Craft a Level 70 Weapon or Armor Piece.
  • Above & Beyond: Reach level 70.

I have now completed Chapter II of the Season Journey in Season 14 with my hardcore Barbarian.

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